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EDM Culture: 7 Top Performances At Electric Zoo 2013 (After Parties Included)

EDM Culture: 7 Top Performances At Electric Zoo 2013 (After Parties Included)

Electric Zoo 2013 was a whirlwind of fun. Despite the last day cancellation, the first two surpassed beyond my expectations. Between the different set ups/visuals for each stage and the variety of music being played from 11 AM to 11 PM, my day was filled with mind-blowing entertainment. It was really hard to choose which sets to see between the insane line up and mad dash from stage to stage, but some way somehow I made it to almost every act I wanted to see. Below are the sets I was thoroughly impressed with and wish I could relive again.

DAY 1:

Flux Pavilion- I saw Flux Pavilion at Hard Summer this past August and was so blown away that I knew if he was ever to be in a town near me again I had to go see him. Two things I need to say: Flux brings a huge amount of energy with his presence. If the crowd was at all tired before he stepped up to the decks, they definitely weren't when he started to play. Secondly, Flux has no problem talking to the crowd or singing to them. He makes you feel as if you are a huge part of his set and like he is directly playing for just you. It was a set I will always remember and one I will think of when looking back on Electric Zoo.

Baauer- As the last set of the night, Baauer had a pretty big challenge. Everyone had been dancing since 11 AM and between the heat and the dancing all day, there was no doubt a hint of tired was on everyone's mind. Baauer however, rose to the occasion and smashed the speakers and everyone's exhaustion. His stage, which was rotating throughout the entire set, made it so he could interact with each and every person there. He played a set that had the bass bumping long after you left and so infectious that your feet began to move on their own. His set included tracks like his "Attracting Flies" remix, "The Harlem Shake," and "New Slaves"

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Kill Paris- The pantydropstep maker, the funk master himself, definitely deserves a spot on my list of favorites. Besides his set, being unique and soulful, Kill Paris knows how to lead a crowd on a dance floor and make them feel that little extra something. The funk vibe really has this way of overwhelming your senses and creating a feeling of complete happiness. He also played out his Drake remix of "Over My Dead Body," which he has been playing out in sets, but has yet to be released. He also played his remix for Rudimental's, "Can You Feel The Love," and "Keep Your Secrets In Midnight City."

Day 2:

Datsik- Datsik was by far probably one of my favorite sets of the weekend. He really took the audience to the next level by allowing them to not only hear a ton of unreleased stuff, but offer mashups I never thought were possible before- one being RJD2's "Ghostwriter," with Biggie's "Juicy" playing over the track. He also dropped tracks like "Swoop" and "Swagga." All in all I was thoroughly blown away by the variety and smooth transitions from song to song.

Bro Safari- I'm probably already biased when it comes to anything Bro Safari because I think the man makes great music that gets the energy going and crowds hyped. Going into this set, I had no doubt I'd be labeling it as a set to remember- and I'm happy to say Bro Safari proved me right. From start to finish he was dropping massive bass and infectious tunes that you can't help but lose yourself to. I can't help, but reiterate how crazy the audience went when he played "The Drop" and Uz x CRNKN's "Booty To The Ground." I also want to give a shout out to his MC for keeping the energy high and alive despite being surrounded 270 degrees by people!

Dyro (After Party)- I have to give huge props to Dyro for being able to play not Electric Zoo and playing a daftastic set, but for doing it all over again at 2 in the morning for an after party. I've been a huge fan of Dyro's since listening to his first Daftastic Radio Podcast and was stoked to see him play live. His set brought the crowd to their feet - literally. The amount of jumping that happened was almost like witnessing a wave of people in a sea of pure musical bliss. He also played a brilliant mashup of "Promises" that had everyone singing along and feeling those good vibes.

I want to also want to add just one more as even though Day 3 was cancelled… the after parties still commenced!

Adventure Club (After Party- Day 3) - This was one set I was really looking forward to for Day 3's lineup at Electric Zoo. Despite the cancellation of the actual festival for its last day, party goers were still given the opportunity to see the dynamic duo play at Best Buy Theater for an after party. In the easiest words I can put- I still have goosebumps. The boys played such a wide variety of music that not only pleased your ears, but really got down to the root of your soul- the kind of music that makes you feel euphorical without any outside substances besides the music you are listening to. From dubstep to electronic to hard style, the boys catered to everyone's needs. They even played an insane mashup of their Flight Facility remix with ETC!ETC!'s "Summertime Sadness" Remix that sent shivers down my spine. I was absolutely blown away and couldn't think of a better way to close out my Electric Zoo Weeekend.

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