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EDM Culture: A Fan Breaks Up With Steve Aoki Over The Internet

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EDM Culture: A Fan Breaks Up With Steve Aoki Over The Internet

Dear Steve,

I'm breaking up with you. It's definitely you, not me.

Cake planking, that hair, the raft, spraying champagne at quadriplegics--I've been by your side through all of it. But enough is enough. Catching you in bed with Linkin Park? I will not tolerate this behavior in my life. I deserve better.

Worse yet, I had to find out about this through a Facebook game app? I accepted your first request to Candy Crush Saga, for us Steve, remember? But enough is enough.

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I thought you had matured. I thought we matured together.

I should've seen the signs: the subtle track drop at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, the late nights in the studio, the vaguely Japananese ancestry between you and Mike Shinoda. But I was blindsided by the Linkin/Aoki lovechild, "A Light That Never Comes". The least you could of done is changed your relationship status to single before the news broke. It wasn't fair for me to burden your shame. Why didn't you consider me Steve?  I always thought of you.

You told me at all your shows you couldn't do it without me. I thought I couldn't do it without you. Now, you've forced me to do it alone. :(

I will always love you Steve. The Steve that I saw when I snuck into Cinespace to man I thought knew performing at our last weekend together at Hakkasan.

As much as I want to hate you, I can't. I will be strong. I wish you and Linkin Park the best. Maybe you can live our dream with them and have a another child together. Maybe you can call her "Dubstep".

Goodbye Steve. I can't.

An EDM Fan

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