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EDM Culture: "For The Record: A History Of The DJ" Class In NYC

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EDM Culture: "For The Record: A History Of The DJ" Class In NYC

Confucius says "Study the past if you would define the future". And believe it or not EDM culture and DJ history did not start with Steve Aoki. It actually goes back a lot further, and a knowledge of the evolution of the DJ will only further your enjoyment in the scene.

So if you're in NYC, take a look at this "For The Record: A History Of The DJ" class going on September 30th at the Brooklyn Brainery. It's only $10 and and hour and a half long- but you'll gain invaluable insight on how the DJs came to be. Here's the course description:

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Ever since the late Jimmy Saville ingeniously employed two turntables to provide a continuous stream of airplay, the way we experience dance music has never been the same.

In this course, we will look at the history of the DJ from it's humble beginnings in the radio booth to the block parties of the south Bronx to mega stadiums around the world. We will examine the many contributions by the DJ to technology, music and culture. Special attention will be paid to the rising popularity of the DJ and his/her expanding role within this latest wave of electronic dance music.

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