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EDM Culture: Magnetic's Guide To Nocturnal Wonderland 2013

Photo: Nocturnal Wonderland 2012

EDM Culture: Magnetic's Guide To Nocturnal Wonderland 2013

Happy Friday Friends! Well, here we are again, standing on the edge of the rabbit hole anxiously and excitedly anticipating the fall into another installment of Insomniac's twisted Wonderland. Kandi is made, epic rave outfits picked out, flags painted, hotels booked- and we're ready to go! But before you make your way to the San Manuel Amphitheatre; be sure to check out some of the most anticipated sets of the night. Here are our picks:

300 - 500 Francesca Lombardo @ Alice's House
500 - 600 Myon & Shane 54 @ Sunken Garden
600 - 700 Firebeatz @ Labyrinth
700 - 800 DJ Hype @ Queen's Grounds
800 - 930 M.A.D.E @ Discovery Project
1000 - 1100 Thomas Gold @ Sunken Garden
1100 - 1200 Lee Burridge @ Alice's House
1200 - 100 Carnage @ Queen's Grounds
100 - 200 Dash Berlin @ Sunken Garden

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To set your own personal schedule for the night, visit the Insomniac Website or Click Here

See you on the dance floor!

Please remember to stay hydrated, watch out for one another, stay responsible & PLURR ON!

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