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EDM Culture: The Hated Children Of Electronic Dance Music

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EDM Culture: The Hated Children Of Electronic Dance Music

The parents of the new electronic music generation hate their children. No, I’m not talking about the biological parents. I’m talking about the people that birthed EDM culture: those first in the electronic music scene however long ago.

These are the only parents I know that despise the accomplishments of their offspring. They see it as an abomination of something that was once “pure”. Instead of praising their children for their accomplishments- larger festivals, higher pay scales, successful albums- they hate them.

“These damn EDM kids! Their music is terrible. How do they listen to this crap?” Who does that sound like?

It is as if a child took over the family company and doubled the business, only to be chastised for not maintaining the status quo. “Well child, I don’t know what the hell you are thinking... making Blu-Ray players when you know damn well this company makes VCRs!”

Today's children want the praises of their parents. Without their parents, they would not be here. They are carrying on the tradition the best way they can. They may not understand what it was like ‘back in the day’ – to schlep vinyl to gigs, record music to DAT and send demos to promoters by regular mail.

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I’m sure they’ve heard the stories. Hell, that’s all the parents talk about today. How it was better in their time. How today is worse because it’s not as difficult to make and play music. I guess the children will never understand.

How can the parents expect them to? The children are of a different generation- internet, laptops, MP3s, MIDI controllers. It’s like wanting children of the automobile era to ride in a horse and carriage- simply because that’s how it was done in the past.

Imagine if a DJ in the 1970s told DJs in the 1980s that promotional mixes had to be recorded released only on reel to reel. “Cassette tapes? Hell no! Those are garbage! Why? Well because that’s not how WE did it back in ’77!”

Just because you are rejecting technology does not mean you have the privilege of writing off those who use it. And no matter how primitive your DJ rig or studio is, aren’t its components all representative of some sort of technological advancement? Why are you accepting innovations of that time  but not of today? An event more important question is why hate on those that embrace it and thrive?

It’s important for children to acknowledge their parent’s sacrifices, of course. But isn’t that what parents do? Sacrifice for their children?

Stop hating your offspring. Embrace them. Guide them so they can further their success. Your control over the industry has been lost, so stop holding on. Yesterday will never return, and tomorrow is already here.

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