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EDM Download: Luxxury's Edit Of David Bowie's "Golden Years"

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EDM Download: Luxxury's Edit Of David Bowie's "Golden Years"

Luxxury is coming through once again with a solid re-edit of David Bowie's "Golden Years". As a DJ, these are the type of tracks you look for- gooey bass, sunshiney guitar and a solid back beat to drive it through. Why do DJs look for songs like this you ask?

This song will get you laid. And not by your average bar trash- I'm talking 9's and 10's.

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Think about it- every other joker new electronic music DJ out there is playing the same Zedd and Avicii BS. But if you come through in the cut and drop this gem of smoothness that brown haired goddess wearing the cutoff shorts is cruising right over to the DJ booth. She's chatting you up and talking about how she used to listen to this song all the time as a little girl when she lived in New York. Just her and her dad.

And you can't help but smile . . .

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