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EDM Interview: Magnetic Magazine Talks To Avicii's Protege And DJ On The Rise- Audrio


There's something exhilarating about interviewing an up-and-coming new electronic music artis artist. Maybe we enjoy being on the forefront of musical progression--maybe we enjoy satiating our inner hipster--or maybe, just maybe, we hope that the DJ will Facebook-friend us before he is is catapulted into superstardom…

We had the chance to sit down with mega DJ-in-the-making, Audrio, who was handpicked by Avicii himself for his Le7els label. Can you imagine such a gilded happenstance? We're starry-eyed for him. Audrio's first single "Dreaming Wide Awake" is basically a guaranteed hit--it looks like being talented has its perks. The track has a progressive house and grunge layout with delicate and haunting vocals from Ashley Wallbridge. The music video is deliciously dark--picture the Walking Dead meets trance--we can already hear the gears turning in the Insomniac event production factory.

We highly recommend you check out "Dreaming Wide Awake" right now:

So tell us in three words--who is Audrio?

Dark. Energetic. Funky.

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Congrats on your very first single "Dreaming Wide Awake" off the Le7els label. What's it like to work with Avicii?

Obviously it's a dream come true. Working with Avicii has been really awesome, being able to have my tracks played by one of the biggest, if not THE biggest DJ, is more that I could have asked for. I've been touring with him a bit too from time to time, which has been the best part. Getting to see new countries, new crowds and getting a taste of the touring life style has gotten me really hooked!

How were you discovered by Le7els?

It all started when he contacted me on Facebook. He had heard a single of mine and wanted more, so we started talking and then things just rolled on from there. Now, he's one of the best ways to get feedback on ongoing projects, which has also helped me in the right direction regarding my sound.

What inspired the dark music video for "Dreaming Wide Awake"? (Preparing for Halloween?)

As I said, my tracks has a darker influence than a lot of other progressive house tracks do. Dreaming Wide Awake was no exception, and therefore it seemed fitting to have a dark and "evil" video to go with the track itself.

Is there a specific place or event that you would love to headline?

Tomorrowland, Sensation, White and a few selected clubs around the world are on my wish list. Getting there won't be a walk in the park, but I'm gonna do everything in my power to get there. Some of the gigs I've had with Avicii have been so incredibly awesome, that just the thought of headlining Tomorrowland is a great source of motivation for me.

I'd love to work with Boys Noize. I really love his productions. Also Tom Staar and Kryder have a sound that I feel could work out really well with me in a collaboration. I'm working on a project with David Tort, which is also one of my favorite artists.

If you weren't making music, what would you be doing instead?

I'd probably be studying to become a doctor. Medicine has always been really fascinating to me, and although it might sound like a cliche, I do appreciate helping out other people - therefore it would be a very fitting occupation. Obviously that's never going to happen, since music is the only thing which I'm truly, deeply passionate about :)

What's next?

Work. I've got a pretty busy schedule right now and I'm trying to round up a bunch of new tracks which are all pretty much half-way there. I'm really excited about "Humans" getting released. I've been getting so much positive feedback on that track, and I can't wait to see what people think of the finished product!

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