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EDM Interview: Misfit Turned Rebel Francesca Lombardo Talks With Magnetic Magazine

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EDM Interview: Misfit Turned Rebel Francesca Lombardo Talks With Magnetic Magazine

When it comes to the new electronic music scene, Francesca Lombardo better be on your radar. Why? Well, when taste makers like Damian Lazurus, Marco Carola, Radio Slave and Loco Dice have supported her you know she's doing something right.

After a storied musical past and building impressive resume, Francesca Lombardo is all about the present with two brand new singles out and a new album on deck. She's playing legendary parties across the globe, DJing with other heavy hitters like Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Art Department and the one and only DJ Harvey.

Here in Los Angeles, she recently played the Get Lost LA party. We were completely blown away by her set. When we had a chance to talk with her we jumped at it- it's not too often that people on this creative level do press, and this was a 'don't miss' opportunity. Here's what she had to say:

Francesca, thank you so much for taking some time to talk with us! We’re so excited to get a chance to chat, especially after we saw such an awesome set from you at Get Lost LA. What was it like sharing deck time with legends like Lazarus and Harvey?

It was a real pleasure to share the deck time with them and everyone else, I have always followed those artists and appreciate their music, the best thing was to see them dancing to my music and appreciating it.

Ok, be real honest here, who’s more of weirdo (in a good way of course!) Damien Lazarus or DJ Harvey?

Ahah, that's one hell of question! I was at Get Lost in LA and seeing them both behind the booth - one dressed in Egyptian black and one in white made me think how different they are and how similar at the same time.. I think they share the same kind of weirdness.

Speaking of being weird, how was Burning Man? What was it like playing to a festival (or should I say pop-up city) of that caliber?

Burning Man is like being on another planet, the energy in the desert is so strong and it was shocking for me when I first got there, I didn't see myself fitting in, but after few hours I was playing on the Bus and that really was the best experience as a DJ. I played a set especially for Robot Heart at Burning Man, the track list was filled with techno and melodies, don't think I could play the same set anywhere else, it was meant to be a spiritual experience.

Your new single “What To Do” is coming out on September 23rd. And from the looks of things you did the vocals and the production for the track. What is your recording process like?

I did that track last year, I wanted to do something different and came up with some vocals and bassline, I did some editing on the voice at a later stage and the track was there. So for a track like 'What to Do' it can be quite a long one, where you revisit the idea again and again until it feels just right.

The track is very dark and sultry, perfect for late night. Is this a vibe you were going for? What’s your ideal music for a nightclub?

The track is talking about a night out, in a club when it is dark and people get lost by following friends in the club rather then doing their own thing so I guess that's the color you get when you are wasting your time in a club and keep on missing good acts because of other people. I usually like to go on my own.

The Ideal music for a nightclub is all about the club in my opinion. Different clubs - different moods. A perfect set for Panorama Bar could be completely misplaced at DC10. Its all about the people and the ambience. If I have to put 3 words on it, then I would say : Slow - dark - melodic.

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You’ve got Infinity Ink, Matrixxman and Luca Cazal on remix duty for the record- all very talented artists. What were your reasons for selecting them?

Matrixxman is a very talented artist and did a very good job on the remix. Luca and Infinity Ink - they are very good friends and I wanted to have them involved, I also love their music and I knew they would do an amazing job on it. Infinity Ink Remix is sassy and sexy at the same time.

Can we expect an album from you in the near future?

In the very near future….

One criticism of dance music LPs is they generally tend to sound more of a compilation or a collection of songs, not necessarily an album. Is this something you are concerned about when you work on yours? If so how do you plan on breaking through that barrier?

I think it depends on the albums, I heard some really good albums filled with amazing music, strung together as an album experience. I think an album should have a bit of everything, keeping the style of the artist of course. I want my album to be versatile; In the studio I will be aiming to create the album experience with interludes and small pieces making the album come together as one one piece of music. I will also be using a lot of my voice so I guess the problem is less obvious when you have your voice as a stamp tying the whole piece together.

Do you find your classical music training gives you an edge when it comes to making new electronic music? How So? What about when you DJ?

I think being classically trained definitely gives you a different approach on how to write music. You tend to use more melodies and less grooves. It's different when it comes to DJ’ing. I wasn't influenced by classical music at all and it's a completely different approach. My Inspiration came from the music and DJ’s I followed in my youth.

Adam is a good friend of mine. I loved working with him and Ash (Subb-an), it was nice to be asked to be part of their project, the creative process is of course different when you work with other people, you have more minds that have to reach a conclusion together. But so far I have been so fortunate to only work with really talented people – all of whom are my friends, so I have not yet had anything but amazing experiences collaborating in the studio.

After the album what’s next?

I will be doing a world tour with my new Live set. All along, there will be more music coming-

And after - I might be trying to do something completely different and give space to my creativity !!!

We can't wait!
Here is Francesca Lombardo's new single "What To Do"

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