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EDM Interview: New Electronic Music Canadian Duo 'Project 46' Are Artists to Watch in 2014

EDM Interview: New Electronic Music Canadian Duo 'Project 46' Are Artists to Watch in 2014

Stepping into Dive Dayclub for Adult Swim Saturdays at Harrah's in San Diego successfully gives guests an Oz Complex. All of the sudden, you're not in San Diego anymore. You've been caught in a glowing, loud, wet twister and dropped into a Las Vegas pool party. Lazy River, Float-Up Bar, Lots of ass-shaking and bad tan-lines- and some of the best EDM artists around. Magnetic got the chance to chat with Canadian duo, Project 46 on their tour with Morgan Page, direction of their sound, and most importantly, embracing the pancakes. This is going to be the artist to watch in 2014- their live set blew the club away far past the yellow brick road.

You guys kind of just popped up overnight in EDM culture like "HEY! Here we are going to blow your minds!!" Had your career not took off, what would you be doing?

Thomas: I was working at Costco before I started doing this, dropped out of a university and I was just working at Costco... So I would probably still be at home doing that. In terms of my career- If I wasn't pursuing music as a career, I would have gone back to school for Civil Engineering, which is what I was doing before.
Ryan: I was promoting a lot of big EDM shows in Canada, so I was kind of on the other side of this. So I would still be up there doing that if everything hadn't blown up, especially now that Project 46 has gotten bigger and we're out on the road. I've always been really involved in the EDM scene though so it's cool. I didn't you know, get to work at Costco or anything.

Not everyone can pull it off.

Thomas: He's just jealous.
Ryan: I applied a couple of times... They just kept telling me it was a no go. Whatever.

You guys are a funny bunch. Performing on tour with Morgan Page is a huge change from working at Costco and doing promo work. What was your breaking point that gave way to this?

Ryan: Well, I think that when it first happened Thomas and I just had a talk, we're like "Ok, it's time. it needs to happen now and we've gotta take it serious, you gotta quit your job." And we bought a decent laptop on a payment plan, took a loan out and fully dove in.
Thomas: Honestly one day I was just like, I can't work here any more. I have music stuff I want to do, and no time to do it here. So I just quit one day. Costco was the job that I got so that I could save up for like 2 years, and put all my money into music.

I'd say that you made the right choice at the right time. Now that you guys have been on the road, what has your favorite stop been?

Ryan: That's a weird question because there are places I want to live, and there are places I like to be... You know? I think that Miami is a great to be, and I like to be in Asia except for I don't really like their food- but I like to be in Asia a lot.
Thomas: If it was an actual place to live, I think it would actually be San Diego though. The weather is nice, it's really chill and relaxing here. We could ride beach cruisers to the beach and stuff.

Hey that would be awesome! Until then, what can we expect from you guys- what's going on in the near future and what can we expect in the distance?

Thomas: Well we've got a lot of new music coming out, and we've got some more music coming out after that, and a few shows here and there...
Ryan: Um, yeah. Anyways, we've got a big tour schedule in front of us- we're going to be with Morgan for a month and then we're off to India and Brazil until December and then I think we're going to go home and take a break. Gotta go spend time with family and stuff. In the new year we're going to be putting out an EP, maybe an album, and we have another really big collaboration coming out in January.

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Can we get a hint on that collaboration?

Thomas: They're a DJ... Slash Producer...
Ryan: No it's a really big secret. We're not allowed to say much about it, expect for that it's happening. There's about a 45% chance that we might play it today.

In this kind of a tour, do you guys feed off one another? How do you sync your sounds to make the entire performance complete and compatible?

Thomas: I would definitely say that we groove off each other. We've had the opportunity to really make friends in this industry, like Oakenfold and Kaskade. To make a good production you really have to feel their energy. They're good guys and they are talented so yeah, we will definitely be feeding off Morgan.

Something that I feel is really conveyed to your fans, and all EDM fans alike, is that EDM Culture is not just a business or a competition, it's really a big family. Is that the feel of this tour, or your career as a whole?

Thomas: Yeah it is, it really is. I mean, there is a lot of money in it, and you make a lot of money when you really start touring- but you can't get caught up in that because it's not what got you here. We're just really happy to be here doing what we love doing. Look at this! We're here in San Diego at a pool party, sitting in a cabana drinking fancy water talking to you! This is great!
Ryan: This is really all of the hard work paying off, right here.

This really is rewarding! So what are the next set of goals for you guys?

Ryan: We really want to start making more of a presence in Europe. Now that we've made a significant mark in the North America, we just want to get over to Tomorrowland, get on the main stage and show them what we can bring. We got in America, India, Asia and Australia, now it's time to get into the European market.

Euro-trip, Project 46 style- Sounds like a blast! ...But will there be pancakes? You know I have to ask the pancake question. It seems like every time you google Project 46, there's always a stack of pancakes alongside. What is that?

Thomas: Well, to be perfectly honest- It's a joke.
Ryan: It really is, it's just a huge joke. It was like supposed to be 'Freebie Friday' or something and I said it should have been 'Pancake Friday' ...So it was. Since then, it's just kind of just stuck with us. After that when we started hosting our own radio show and talking to PR companies we needed a logo- and all these different ideas came up and we're like 'Nope. It's gotta be pancakes."
Thomas: You've gotta embrace the pancakes.

Where do you guys generate the sound behind Project 46? Not necessarily your inspiration, but the motive behind the sound. What separates you and makes the Project 46 sound unique in this industry?

Thomas: I have a really strong background in singing and music- and I think that we like to apply that to our music and our tracks.
Ryan: I think that the biggest thing behind our sound, is that we try not to just stick to one sound. We just want to create good music. We don't need to have that #1 single or that banger album- we just focus on writing good music.

Well we're definitely looking forward to that! Looks like it's time for you guys to get up there and do your thing. Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and chat with me, and hopefully we see you back down in San Diego in the future!

Thomas: Thanks! It was great talking with you. And Thank You to the Fans!!
Ryan: Yeah, definitely the pleasure was ours. See ya later!

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