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EDM News: Cool Story, Bro- The Chainsmokers Talk With Magnetic Magazine And Debut Their Remix Of The Wanted's "We Own The Night"

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EDM News: Cool Story, Bro- The Chainsmokers Talk With Magnetic Magazine And Debut Their Remix Of The Wanted's "We Own The Night"

If you stay up on new electronic music, you should know about the Chainsmokers. They're a couple of cool dudes from NYC who are coming out with serious club heaters. Let's put it this way- major record labels come to them when they want a remix that is going to bang. Their remixes for Fenech-Soler and Smallpool have been getting tons of play and lots of love from the readers of Magnetic.

Aside from that, they are one of our favorite artists to work with. They handle their own PR, meaning there's no shield or buffer when we talk to them, whatever we are getting from them is them 100%. In an industry so cluttered with professional hype men, it's refreshing to say the least.

When it came down to setting up the interview, one thing we all agreed one was to break away from the "We'll send you a bunch of boring questions, you send us a bunch of boring answers" format. We wanted to have some fun with this one!

And we did. We swapped some selfies, got our jabs in and had at chance to bro-out. Most importantly found out a bit more about Drew and Alex. This duo is doing it right, and we can't wait to see them when they hit Los Angeles. If you are going to TomorrowWorld, they should definitely be on your "Must See" list. They are for sure on ours.

So without further adieu, here is Magnetic Magazine's official interview with the Chainsmokers:

Chainsmokers, thank you for taking the time to talk with Magnetic! We are so excited to have you here any really dig the music you make (meaning we don’t know how you got those pictures but we’ll do anything to make them go away!).

Let's get right down to it- We've discovered you're called the Chainsmokers because you are advocates for childhood smoking. When did you take up this "cigarettes for babies" cause?

Thats fascinating you discovered that about us because we actually don't even know why we are called The Chainsmokers... all we have is this video:

Wow, thank you for the really funny youtube clip from 2009- way to stay current. Being that the only music we get from you are remixes of other peoples music, don't you think you should spend a little less time on the internet and a little more time making your own music? Or are you happy just riding the waves of more successful artists?

Well to quote the wise Thomas Jefferson, 'I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way.' ... We also were making music of our own before we had to stop and answer these questions for you which would be way more acceptable if this were Billboard...

Ouch, OK that hurts. We'll play nice for a second and ask you a more "Billboard" type question. Let's focus on your new music here- what are you currently working on and how is your approach to original music different than remixing existing tracks?

Haha… this is what happens when you take jabs at guys with little sisters, they know how to hit you where it hurts. So we have learned a thing or two... Well we just wrapped up a number of different remixes for The Wanted, Mikky Ekko and Icona Pop which we are really excited about, but now we are really making an effort to focus on developing our sound and originals.

The major difference of course with originals is there is nothing to pair it against, you can go up, down, backwards, forwards... So in some regards that’s really exciting but it is also daunting. But the beauty is we know what we ultimately want to convey and we know it when we hear it.

We are making a track a day nearly, we don't like to get stuck on things, it’s a natural process, like life it sorta just happens. Additionally, there is some great beauty in experimenting with different artists, be it singers, songwriters or producers, and it’s exciting continuing to meet new and different people in the business. Ultimately, we think [fans] are going to love what we do, but Madeon is right, making music is a great but painful process.

So, going off of your word only, you guys actually might of earned your slot at this year’s TomorrowWorld festival. You've got to be pretty pumped?

TomorrowWorld was a massive moment for us. Not only did it give us a sense of validation, but it gave us a real sense of progress. You should have seen how excited we were when we got the news. Funny enough- LONG LONG before we knew, our manager had a pretty good idea about it and sent us this cryptic email saying if you could play any festival what would it be and we both shot back “Tomorrowland”. He never explained why till later when he finally told us it was confirmed.

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So yeah, we were pretty excited! To play shows like that, we can only imagine, because we have never done it. We’re sure there is a bit of a learning curve, but you bet your ass whatever amount of time we are slotted we are going to use every minute like we are living on borrowed time….

And yeah we took our girls out to Olive Garden that night, all you can eat salad and bread sticks.

EDM News: Cool Story, Bro- The Chainsmokers Talk With Magnetic Magazine And Debut Their Remix Of The Wanted's "We Own The Night"

Fancy. So you're telling me you guys are gifted and generous? I guess I'll cave a bit here and say that you guys have a great momentum going and a lot of people are really digging your stuff. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes in a year? Where do you want to be in a year and what advice are you giving yourselves to get there?

We are givers Yosh, always have, and always will be...

What advice would we give? To be as dedicated and work as hard as possible. It shouldn't be difficult if you are passionate. . . and when it comes to music, if you aren't passionate then you got nothing.

We are still figuring it all out, so we wouldn't recommend anyone listening to us too much. Have a vision and be positive, surround yourself with people that believe in you. That makes it easier- set goals and do everything you can to reach them...

Wow that just sounded like a cheesy ass motivational speaker... As for ourselves, we set big goals, but work on short term 3/6 month accomplishments, but it’s the same thing just be positive and keep making music...

Speaking of cheesy motivational speakers, who influences the Chainsmokers? And is it true that your twitter password is OMGSteveAoki143?

Influences, well they range from Capitalism and Free Market Economy cause a free market economy make makes the world go round; Deadmau5's 'Faxing Berlin' because that song is beautiful. Drake cause he might be one of the best song writers of the 21st century. Martin Solveig's 'Night Out,' because the vibes in this song are perfect. Clooney, well that’s obvious and Larry David cause he keeps it so real....

As for our twitter, close its OMFGSTEVEAOKI143 ... we love Steve, he is wonderful, Steve if you read this, we love you...

Ok, so per the conditions of your blackmail letter, you guys also get to premier a song along with the 'interview'. And I'm supposed to let you say a few words on it? The stage is yours . . .

Thank you for the stage! Well, this remix is something quite obviously different for a few reasons, the biggest probably being the fact that The Wanted are an incredibly famous pop band and in the past we generally worked with artists that might be considered more indie. We didn't have any hesitations because we saw this as an opportunity to reach fans that we otherwise might have not been able to. So with that in mind we wanted to create a song that really had a easy appeal to it. A song that could go down smooth and be enjoyed whether you were an EDM fan, pop music fan or indie fan, or in this case boy band fan... For us the challenge is creating music that remains interesting and enjoyable but reaches as many people as possible, without alienating the fans we have gained since our start.

Well being that we aren't Billboard and you guys aren't exactly Calvin Fucking Harris, we should probably wrap this up. Any last words to your fan (no typo) out there?

Damn, we cannot believe this is already over :( Haha, you guys are better, and we def arent Mr. Harris.... but our famous last words are.... So Far, So Good...

And here is the full length premier of The Wanted's "We Own The Night" Remixed by the Chainsmokers:

Purchase this song on Beatport.

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