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EDM News: Feed Me Announces Debut Album 'Calamari Tuesday' & New Label- Sotto Voce

EDM News: Feed Me Announces Debut Album 'Calamari Tuesday' & New Label: Sotto Voce

Since his inception, 'Feed Me,' the Machiavellian alter-ego of producer Jon Gooch has become an iconic symbol in the EDM culture. In the last two years, Gooch (... and Feed Me) have been traveling, adventuring, and discovering the world, exploring and understanding all that it has to offer. This adventuredum led to a 15-track story, filled with diversity and imagination. 'Calamari Tuesday' is a full length album, influenced by the detailed components of Gooch's travels and discoveries, accompanied by the mysterious antics of Feed Me. The album is hardly straightforward, and is sure to keep you guessing. Caribbean bounces shift into electro crunches, transition into shattering vocals, and morph into exquisite melodies with moments of dancehall madness. The only element of the album you can anticipate is that you will have no idea what the next track will offer.

Here is what Jon has to say about the release:
"This is my first full-length album. It represents a journey through various styles of music, two years of intensive touring around the world in a variety of incredible locations, and the construction of my live show and imaginary friend, from sketches into tangible reality. It's something I now see as a collaboration between me and Feed Me. It's very serious.

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The direction of the album has led to an even bigger announcement-- a label. The forthcoming label project, Sotto Voce will house Gooch's various aliases including Feed Me, Spor and Seventh Stitch, and will also be home to many other artists admired by the producer.

'Calamari Tuesday' wil be released on Sotto Voce on October 14. However, due to the wild and unexpected antics of Feed Me, we can anticipate many of the tracks leaked before the release. Rock on, little monster.

Track List:
01: Orion (Original Mix)
02: Death By Robot (Original Mix)
03: Lonely Mountain (Original Mix)
04: Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)
05: Rat Trap (Original Mix)
06: Dazed (Original Mix)
07: Feed Me featuring Yadi Ophelia (Original Mix)
08: In The Bin (Original Mix)
09: Chinchilla (Original Mix)
10: Fiasco (Original Mix)
11: Feed Me & Crystal Fighters Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)
12: Short Skirt (Original Mix)
13: No Grip (Original Mix)
14: Onstuh (Original Mix)
15: Last Requests featuring Jenna G (Original Mix)

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