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EDM News: Los Angeles Producer Craig Williams Releases "Rawhide" EP Featuring Louisahhh Via Motorik Recordings

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EDM News: Los Angeles Producer Craig Williams Releases "Rawhide" EP Featuring Louisahhh Via Motorik Recordings

LA’s own Aussie techno maestro Craig Williams just cranked out a new electronic music EP featuring Louisahhh and we cannot get enough. Craig’s been a good friend of ours for a minute and his “Rawhide” EP is set for steady rotation all through the winter season. But hey, you don’t need to take our word for it, just ask the DJs who have been playing the tracks out, such as Riva Starr, Brodinski, Anna Lunoe, The Aston Shuffle, Max Pask, and many others. This release only came out at the end of August and it’s already earned a very respectable 8/10 on Mixmag. Anyway, this EP along with the Motorik record label have an interesting story as the press release tells below:

“Fate works in mysterious ways, you know? Motorik’s an Australian label. We were born out of the ashes of Bang Gang 12 Inches (home to Bag Raiders, KIM, Flight Facilities and about a billion other true-blue ripper acts from down under) - when that closed down, our A&R bossman Vivi hooked up with ex-Lost Valentinos indie kingpins CSMNT61 (of Kitsune and Bang Gang infamy), and started the label. Somewhere along the line, we acquired the services of Angus aka Gus Da Hoodrat, and his partner in The Finger Prince, Francis Xavier, signed a bunch of cats including Light Year, Jensen Interceptor and Wordlife, as well as releasing Finger Prince and CSMNT61 jams. We run hedonistic warehouse techno retreats, and have gone in hunt of vibe in dark rooms with legends like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Jon Convex, A Guy Called Gerald, Destructo, Boys Noize, Guy Gerber, Maelstrom and about a billion other noise merchants. We are busy boys (and girls).

Anyway. Somewhere along the line, we were doing a party with our favourite honourary Parisienne, the first lady of Bromance - Louisahhh!!! , and she played us a few tracks while were were crusing down the freeway, en route to the party. These tracks totally blew our mind. And here, friends, is where we get to fate. It turns out that these tracks that we loved so much were actually written by an Aussie in LA by the name of Craig Williams, which meant that we could definitely release them. Lou has lent her distinctive vocals to both tracks. Rawhide is a low-slung dark-room big-vibe burner, and Chip A Tooth makes us all think of wasted days at Watergate in Berlin. It’s a trans-cultural dancenational celebration of hedonism, built for exacting dancefloors and demanding disco jockeys. We vibe. We think that you will too. Somewhere along the line, we managed to get chatting with our favourite New Jack Techno kingpin, JoeFarr. It kind of made sense for him to get involved and rework the tracks in his own, distinctive, banging manner. He delivered us two EPIC tracks. On, Off - you decide what works for you. Our kingpins of chopped and screwed technofunk, CSMNT61, have put their distinctive touch on Rawhide, too. We’re pretty proud of this pack - it’s nice to explore other dimensions. A deft pop touch with vocals is always nice, and works a treat on the right dancefloor.”

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You can catch Craig playing alongside labelmate Jensen Intercepter on Tuesday at Dim Mak Studios supporting Harvard Bass. RSVP here.

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