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EDM News: Magnetic Mag Talks Flying, Festivals And The Future With Dyro At Electric Zoo 2013

EDM News: Magnetic Mag Talks Flying, Festivals And The Future With Dyro At Electric Zoo 2013

If the name Dyro rings a bell, it's probably because this Dutch DJ has been making huge noise and in the best way possible. From his podcast Daftastic Radio to his collab with Hardwell "Never Say Goodbye," to his original tune "Unicorns and Leprechauns," you can find Dyro just about everywhere. Funny enough, I was able to sit down with Jordy van Egmond aka Dyro, at Electric Zoo on what would be somewhat of the 2nd Anniversary to his career. How? I guess you'll just have to read more and find out what makes Dyro the show stopping, easy going, person that he is today.

I always like to start out with the question what did you do before coming here?

D: I just came from Washington, played Echo Stage together with Dada Life, which was amazing.

J: Are you tired?

D: A little bit. I only slept for like three hours.

J: Is it hard playing the night before and then coming here?

D: I mean it really depends. Festivals like this are so exciting and get you fired up right away even if you are tired. So probably tonight I'll sleep well.

J: Do you have any preset traditions or rituals you like to do?

D: Wow. Uh, not really. Just hanging out with the guys, drink a beer. I don't really have any rituals. Maybe triple checking everything.

J: Do you usually know where you're going with all your sets before you play or do you just read the audience?

D: Yeah, like tonight I could only play 25 tracks in an hour and ten minutes, but I still had like 50 tracks to play. So, what you do is you kinda play what you want, but then you interact with the crowd to see what they want, what they like better and then you play along side with them. It's all really 50/50. You have your tracks that you really like and really look forward to, but then again you are also playing with the crowd for what they like.

EDM News: Magnetic Mag Talks Flying, Festivals And The Future With Dyro At Electric Zoo 2013

J: Yeah when you played that "Promises" edit the crowd really went crazy.

D: Yeah, it was a mashup I did. It was a Promises, Calvin Harris Remix, Clash by Alesso, and my remix for Tiesto.

J: Is that how you gage if you wanna release something?

D: I think it's really cool to do mashups. It adds something special and fresh that you put together that work so well. If you make something from three or two tracks- it's really unique. It's a different experience for the crowd. It's cooler to do.

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J: Is that where the idea for Daftastic Radio came from or is it more to share music that you've been finding?

D: Yeah, I mean Daftastic is definitely an extension of Dyro. It's all the new tracks that I like or I would buy. A lot of the tracks I also play are in my live sets, so a lot of them I won't play for Daftastic. Not that they aren't good enough, but in my sets you always have like 8 certain tracks that you're going to play, like "Never Say Goodbye," or "Leprechauns and Unicorns," or whatever, but I can't always play them in my radio show. So every week I have to find new music and research. It's fun.

J: What is usually your main source for music?

D: A lot of DJs know each other so once they have a new track, they are already sending it out to everybody. I usually have a track a month before it's release. So that's of course where I get some of my music. I also do beatport, I don't always get every new promo, and then new guys are also sending me promos to keep up with them because there is so much out there. Im going to try and get more into the demoing.

J: I read in one of your interviews that before you had your visa you were just really really excited to come over to the States. What was the one place you really wanted to play, or there could be mutlitple?

D: Of course for the festivals. I think Ultra, E Zoo, and EDC Vegas. Those are like the key festivals in America and there are a lot more. There are those festivals you see on YouTube and in the videos you see that and think to yourself, " I want to be on that stage playing my music."

J: Do the festivals differ a lot over from where you're from to here?

D: It depends. The festival scene over in Belgium and Holland are already really, really big. It has been going off for many, many years. We have like 40 - 50 festivals at least during the Summer and way more than in America. Which means we also have a lot of small festivals, so the energy is different- the dutch crowd is different, but sometimes there are those festivals that have international value. For instance, Tommorrowland, a lot of people go there even though it's in Europe.

J: What was the first festival you ever attended not as Dyro, but as a participant?

D: I think it was Mysteryland in Holland.

J: How was that?

D: Um, it was fun for how long it lasted. I think I stayed for half and hour before my backpack got stolen and I had to go home to cancel my credit cards and shit.

J: How did you get into the music industry?

D: Wow. I don't know. I just like making music and I wasn't really thinking ahead of myself like, " I want to do this," or " I want to do that." I just like making music, the music I like, you know- what I would want to hear when I go to a festival or a club night. So I was doing that and then I put songs on Soundcloud and after awhile they ended up with Hardwell. He played them exactly two years ago at this festival for the first time and after the festival he sent me an email saying, " I really like your songs, I want to sign some of them." From there on, he hooked me up with his people and I started working with them. Everything grew from there.

J: Is there a specific genre of music you like to listen to outside of Electronic music when you're not playing?

D: The thing is I don't really believe in genres, you know. If I listen to a song and there is something in it that speaks to me or whatever, then I like it.

J: Last question, what is in store for Dyro in 2014?

D: I guess for me the two songs I played on the stage and the one I didn't announce, so I leave that to the people to find out. I'm still growing and I'm so happy with everything I'm doing and I couldn't really imagine being here today, so I'm already thankful for that, but yeah just keep doing what I love and I hope people will keep supporting me.

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