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EDM News: Pogo and Jeesh Make Music With Household Appliances from LG

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EDM News: Pogo and Jeesh Make Music With Household Appliances from LG

Sampling strange noises and making music out of them is nothing new to the left field producers and fans of electronic music and EDM Culture, Matthew Herbert has been at it for years with his various projects.

We just discovered this new tune from beat maestros Pogo aka Nick Bertke (Australia) and Jeesh aka Joshua Kershaw (UK). This is the last thing you would expect a major electronics company like LG to do? Hiring underground electronic guys to compose a song out of noises they create from sampling appliances feels more David Lynch than LG, but props to LG for getting creative. Big props.

Not only is the song pretty cool, but we just discovered two amazing producers that were not on our radar. Definitely check these guys out.

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Televisions, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines… all sampled and baked into perfection.

LG's 6-Motion washing machine, Door-in-Door Refrigerator, Kompressor vacuum cleaner, True Steam dishwasher, Charcoal Lighting Heater Microwave and Hom-Bot Square were all used to in the composition of the is chilled out sample jam.

Watch the video for Pogo and Jeesh's LG's appliance-packed mash-up below.

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