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EDM News: Show The World Your Q-Bombs, Win A Trip To Qlimax 2013

EDM NEWS: Show The World Your Q-Bombs, Win A Trip To Climax 2013

Q-Dance Official has announced their newest, hardest and most appealing contest yet. As any die-hard fan of hardstyle knows, Q-Dance is anything but ordinary. In keeping with this tradition, their Q-Bomber Contest is far from an average name-number-and-email contest entry.


Q-Dance is asking for their most dedicated fans to "go where hardstyle has never gone before, and show how much hardstyle really means to you." So how far will this go? Who knows. In Australia, one Defqon-Bound Q-Bomber decided to take to a venue housing 73,625 guests... Streaking his Q-Bomb all the way across the Melbourne Cricket Ground during a full-house Football match. Needless to say, Captain Underpants won that round. Check it out!

Here is what Q-Dance had to say in their release:

"If you are a true fan of Q-dance, capture a video or photo of yourselves exposing the Q-dance logo to the most number of people in the craziest way possibleÖ aka dropping a Q-bomb. Contestants will be judged on the number of people exposed to the Q-dance logo by the Q-bomb, as well as how unique it is."

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Finally, you may want to know what the prize of all this debauchery is? One winner will be selected and will receive:

- One Return Flight to Amsterdam from any US City

- One Hotel Room for 2-Night stay in Amsterdam + 2 Nights in Arnhem

- VIP ticket to Qlimax 2013

- Internal Transportation

- All Food & Drinks Provided for Duration of Visit

Additionally, the Q-Bomb that acquires the most likes on Instagram will receive the runner-up Q-Dance Goody Bag- including a special edition Q-Dance Hoodie (1 out of 10), 2 Die Hard/VIP tickets to any Q-Dance event in the world, 1 Q-Flag, 1 Q-Tee, and 1 Q-Bottle.

All submissions are encouraged to be recieved before October 5th, 2013. To submit, upload your photo or video via Instagram, using the hashtag #Qbombing. Entries without hashtags will not be judged. For complete Q-Bombing details, rules, and entry instructions, please visit the Q-Dance Website!

Now, Get out there and go get your hard on! (whoah, whoah... Hard Style people...)

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