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EDM News: Sub Focus Launches First-Ever 3D Album Sampler/Scavenger Hunt For "Tours" With Google Maps

EDM News: Sub Focus Launches First-Ever 3D Album Sampler/Scavenger Hunt For "Tours" With Google Maps

In anticipation for their new electronic music album out September 30, Sub Focus has decided to play a little game. Introducing their first-ever 3D album sampler, Sub Focus asks you to go on a whirlwind, virtual reality treasure hunt to reveal little previews for "Torus."

Sub Focus has launched the Torus 3D album sampler, the first-ever in 3D and a first for Google Maps, at (please open w/ Google Chrome). Over the next seven days, a total of 13 Torus discs will be revealed in different locations around the globe, each accompanied by an audio clip from the forthcoming album, Torus.

Users land on the FIND page and are urged to follow the hints in the CLUES section to find the location of each disc and preview a track. The Clues will also be revealed on the Sub Focus social networks.

Once a Torus is found, users can zoom in and out and navigate around the Torus, all using the Google Maps functionality while the track is playing. *Spoiler Alert* the first Torus and preview can be found in the Grand Canyon.

As well as the FIND mode of the sampler, the site also features EXPLORE and LISTEN. EXPLORE allows fans to take the Torus to any location on Google Maps and screenshot their own custom album cover. Check it out at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

After all of the previews have been revealed, on September 19th, the LISTEN mode will become available where fans will see the Torus album cover in exclusive 3D form and can listen to the album previews in full.

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If you aren't tech savvy have no fear. I am not either, but just follow the step by step directions from the first opening page and all should end well… hopefully in a listen to one of the newest tracks!

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