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EDM News: Twerking Is NOT Illegal In DeQuincy Louisiana

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EDM News: Twerking Is NOT Illegal In DeQuincy Louisiana

It looks like the twerk generation is free to twerk away in DeQuincy Louisiana. Twerking organizations from around the globe were up in arms after a report emerged that the western Louisiana municipality had imposed a '30 days in jail' penalty for anyone arrested, tried, and found guilty of the now famous dance move.

Diplo and his tower of twerkers can rest easy and still move their bubble butts, as Time Magazine is reporting the story as a hoax. From Time's website:

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Officials in DeQuincy, Louisiana have been twerking hard this week to debunk a prank press release announcing a city ban on the dance craze recently popularized by Miley Cyrus at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

“It’s a bunch of hogwash,” DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan told The announcement, reportedly circulated by press release distribution site PRLog, included fake names for DeQuincy’s mayor and sheriff and condemned twerking as a ”defiant act against Jesus and his teachings.” Those who broke the law would be sentenced 30 days in county jail, E! Online reported.

The joke is the third time that the city near the Texas border has been the subject of fake news, including faux city initiatives banning Korean residents and giving guns to students. While the author of the twerking hoax is still a mystery, Mayor Henagan told that he thinks one prankster is behind these DeQuincy jokes because all of the releases used the same fake names for city officials.

Source: Time

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