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11 EDM Tracks That Belong In The Bro Bible

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EDM Culture: 11 EDM Tracks That Belong In The Bro Bible

Bros love electronic music. Nothing wrong with that, so do we. And we're not passing any judgement here- there are some great songs on this list. Think of this as guide . . . DJ's think of these as selections of what to play when your rockin' bars in Jersey, Newport Beach or Las Vegas. Ladies, these are good songs to request when you're out at a club with a bro (you've all done it, don't lie) and can't get him to dance.

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This list of eleven songs will get the bros dancing and maybe talking about something else other than the New England Patriots and protein shakes.

1. Skrillex feat. The Doors "Breaking A Sweat" (Zedd Remix)

I'm breaking a sweat, bro . . . thats good!

2. DJ Jean "The Launch"

Explosive, like my work out, bro.

3. Avicii "Levels"

Try getting on my level, bro.

4. ATB "9 PM: Till I Come"

What's this song about, bro?

5. Daft Punk "One More Time"

New Years, bro!

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6. Stardust-Music Sounds Better With You

It always sounds better with my bros.

7. Nicola Fassano "75 brazil street"

This is like the original. Miami, bro.

8. Bob Sinclar "World Hold On"

This song is like, kinda hopeful, bro.

‪9. Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke feat. Lil Jon - "Turbulence"

It's like I'm on a plane, bro.

10. Delerium "Silence" (Tiesto Remix)

Bro, it's just called "Silence". But there's like music-  it's ironic, bro.

11. Darude "Sandstorm"

Wait for it, it's coming, bro. . . not yet, bro.

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