11 Sub-Genres Of EDM That Sound Really Scary

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11 Sub-Genres Of EDM That Sound Really Scary

Ok hipster DJs, let's try and have some fun this Halloween and switch up the genres you play a bit. Every one knows you only play the greatest underground techno and deep tech house music  (I remember my first torrent downloads too!), but for Halloween, let's switch it up and bring out your inner spider farmer (come November, you can go back to playing the Hot Creations catalog).

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Without further ado, here are eleven electronic music sub-genres in 2013 that are scarier than getting wearing anything from last year's Comme des Garçons Fall line.

1. Witch House

2. Darkcore Jungle

3. Death Industrial

4. Terrorcore

5. Dark Psytrance

6. Speed Garage

7. Fidget House

8. Drone Music

9. Darkcore

10. Digital Tech Frac

11. Whatever You Call This

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