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Chuckie Premiers New Electronic Music Video For 'Skydive' - EDM News

Chuckie Premiers New Electronic Music Video For 'Skydive' - EDM News

Dive into a new electronic music video titled ‘Skydive’ by the Dirty Dutch master, Chuckie featuring the vocals of Maiday. Immerse yourself in this genre-fusion track with its big room chords and pitchy Dutch leads. The video begins with a 30 second intro of ocean sounds and what appears to be a Puma commercial for shoes- seriously, no one owns that many Pumas.

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As the song begins, three scantily clad women begin to get ready in a hotel room; at this point you can assume it’s a typical EDM video with a group of gorgeous women partying to the DJ. Half-way through the video I forgot who the producer was because the whole video revolves around these three girls partying. Overall, the song is pretty good but the video is a little cliché. It’s still worth a watch but it’s not something you haven’t seen already.

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