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DJ Gear: How To Produce New Electronic Music With Ableton Push


Canadian music production and DJ School Beat Drop recently started a youtube series called Push Beats. In these videos, Ableton certified trainer Mr.Elastic demonstrates how he creates beats using Ableton's Push controller. We've broken the video down to tell you exactly what Mr. Elastic is doing in his Game of Clones installment of Push Beats.

DJ Gear: How To Produce New Electronic Music With Ableton Push

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In this episode Mr. Elastic samples Break of Reality's cover of the Game of Thrones theme. He begins by using the lower left quadrant of the push which controls ableton's drum rack. In the drum rack are samples of the original song which Mr. Elastic has chopped into small sections. Next, Mr. Elastic uses the drum rack again to add drums to his remix. After creating the rhythm section, he switches over to the push's instrument page which essentially turns the push into a 64 pad keyboard. Mr. Elastic uses this function to create the melody and bass line for the song.

In the "let's jam" section of the video, Mr. Elastic uses the push to play his pre-recorded beat, adding a few hi-hats here and there via the drum rack.

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For those who would like to learn more, the ableton session files are available for download in the youtube video description. You can see exactly how Mr. Elastic produced the track, play it yourself, or even make your own remix of it. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!

Other push resources- click HERE.

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