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EDM Culture: 5 Alternatives That Make The Term 'EDM' Sound Acceptable

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EDM Culture: 5 Alternatives That Make The Term 'EDM' Sound Acceptable

EDM stands for electronic dance music – no big deal right? So why are a lot of artists and fans running away from the term faster than the Obamacare website? Probably because it’s popular in the news right now and those diagnosed with hipster syndrome are fearful of anything if more than one person knows about it.

But the key is the term helps describe a broad genre of music to people who might not understand what UK funky or minimal-tech is. If you tell people that you listen to EDM it’s at least pretty clear that you listen to music, produced mostly on electronic mediums, that people might dance too- they’ll get it. Try telling the average Joe you listen to gabber, grindie or Goa trance and they’ll look at you like a sex offender.


So, if you’re still resisting calling the music you listen to 'EDM', here are 5 alternatives that might make you reconsider:

1. Electronica

What does this even mean? It sounds like a combination of laser beams, dread locks, warp speed, astrology, androids, Puma shoes, prisms, Numark DJ gear and incense.

2. Dance Music

First, you dance to most music (ironically except some genres of EDM). Second, this just instantly implies corny wedding DJ ‘techno’ remixes of the 4 Non Blondes and Mariah Carey. Feel me?

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3. Rave Music

“Normal” people develop stereotypes on electronic dance music based on reading mainstream press about raves and rave fashion. You really want that stranger to think you pop mad pills and wear shirts that say ‘Party With Sluts’?

4. Techno

Before the bros were bro 2.0s they played hacky sack, listened to Phish and called anything EDM-esque ‘techno’. Modern use of this term is not fair to real techno and will only confuse the bros. When bros get confused they get mad.  No one is safe from a roid-raged angry bro.

5. House

Many might call this the first genre of electronic dance music. But like 'techno' to call everything house music is too limiting - it's not reflective of subgenres and definitely not fair to house music. For example, while both electronically produced, house and dubstep are two very different things. There are even huge differences between house and progressive house.


In a perfect world, everyone would know exactly what you meant when you said you listen cosmic disco or hardstyle. But even as popular as electronic dance music has become, most won’t. They probably never will. But EDM is a term that will make sense to them and you can walk away without having to explain what makes fidget house and grindcore different.

Do you even know, bro?!

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