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EDM Culture: 5 Rankings In The DJ Mag Top 100 That Question Its Credibility

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EDM Culture: 5 Rankings In The DJ Mag Top 100 That Question Its Credibility

Yeah, yeah we know- the DJ Mag Top 100 is popularity contest. DJs spend serious money on publicity campaigns if they want to make the list, especially if they want to come out in the top 50. Case in point- Gareth Emery took the 15K he would have to spend on a publicist for the campaign and donated it to charity. He dropped 37 places in one year (In DJ Mag's defense, Emery did urge his fans not to vote).

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Politics aside, the poll used to have some weight, but this year there are 5 pretty big "how the fuck did that happen?" rankings. These expose some big flaws in the the polling process, reinforcing what many have felt all along- the DJ Mag Top 100 is simply a pay to play.

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Here they are:

1. Mat Zo Drops 30?

All we are seeing is this dude is on the rise right now. Just wait until you see who's ranked higher than him.

2. No Dirty South ?

Despite having a well received album and mass influence over EDM culture, he didn't make the list. To put things in perspective, DJ Tiddey (re-entry and #84 on the list) has about 58k facebook likes. Dirty South has 430k. Thats over 7 times as many.

3. Tenashar

Her push up bra and cleavage enter the list at #87, higher than Oakenfold, Bob Sinclar, Benny Bennasi and Mat Zo. Not to mention the slew of female DJ talent that aren't in the top 100.

4. NO Pete Tong?

Really? Mr. Essential Mix is ranked lower than Tenashar? And this list is supposed to mean something?

5. DJ BL3ND is ranked? Not only ranked, but higher than Paul Oakenfold?

BL3ND's ranking pretty much destroys any credibility the DJ Mag Top 100 had left.

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