EDM Culture: 7 Of The Best Uses Of EDM In A Film


EDM Culture: 7 Of The Best Uses Of EDM In A Film

EDM culture has been seeping into the mainstream for a while now, with electronic music often powering the trailers and soundtracks of movies that reach mass audiences. As with anything Hollywood, it can turn out really corny (i.e. Hackers, inarguably one of the worst films of all time). But if electronic music is used the right way in the right scene it can be pretty damn epic.

Here are our seven picks for the best use of EDM in the scene of a film (note: this does not include entire scores of entire films, i.e. the Dust Brother's Fight Club score, only scenes).

1. Giorgio Moroder's "Chase" in Midnight Express

This epic electro disco cut is all appregiator all the way and sets the tone for chase scenes for decades to come.

2. Kavinsky's “Nightcall” featuring Lovefoxx in Drive

A little more Xanex'd out than Moroder's "Chase", Kavinsky's track as become synonymous with hipster car chase scenes circa 2010.

3. Paul Oakenfold's “Ready, Steady, Go” in Collateral

Michael Mann knows how to shoot a night club scene and pair a song with it perfectly. Oakenfold's "Ready, Steady, Go" keeps the tension high while Tom Cruise is shooting up a Koreatown soiree.

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4. Daft Punk's “Da Funk” in The Saint

Strage Val Kilmer accents? Check! Humungous satellite sideways flip phone? Check! Volvo 1800- Check! This is like Mordoder's Chase X Kavinsky's Drive which equals PERFECT. Oh yeah, Daft Punk.

5.Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" Felix Da Housecats Heavenly House Remix In Miami Vice

Another Michael Mann vehicle here, this time shot at Mansion in Miami. Spot on pick for Miami nightlife at that time. We question the Colin Farrell mullet though.

6. Underworld's "Born Slippy" in Trainspotting

Ewen McGregor's soliloquy combined with "Born Slippy" in the background is the right way to end Trainspotting, no question.

7. New Order's "Confusion" (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) In Blade

Blood Bath. Blood Rave. Whatever you want to call it this is the shit right here.

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