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EDM Culture: 7 Songs That Belong In The Hipster Handbook


EDM Culture: 7 Songs That Belong In The Hipster Handbook

Last week we investigated some of the new electronic music that belongs in the Bro Bible. This week, we're exploring a more elusive subject- the Hipster Handbook. Funny people, these hipsters- they are able to like a song right up to the point where the average person discovers it.  This is the precise moment where a song is no longer cool.  Often times a hipster will deny that they ever liked it in the first place.

After deep investigation (and some participant observation), we were able to highlight seven of the songs that were critical in the hipster's journey into electronic music, and the subsequent Alzheimer's-esque rejection of said songs as soon as they gained any popularity (God forbid radio play!) .

NOTE: While the hipster would be really bummed out if they heard any of these songs today, just wait until one becomes ironic-  they will then boast how they were the first to ever love it.

1. Justice Vs. Simian "We Are Your Friends"

This track took the hipster's EDM virginity away from them. That's why they hate it now.

2. Bloc Party "Helicopter" Weird Science Remix

Indie Rock X Steve Aoki when he was cool? Down, hipster down!

3. Does It Offend You Yeah "We Are Rockstars"

This was the hipster's 'bad boy' phase.

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4. Cajmere "Percolator"

It's like old house music, but with words that don't make sense so it's super cool.

5. Yacht "Psychic City" (Classixx Remix)

This song pairs perfectly with the hipster's Xanax. Happy, but not too happy; never angry, just bummed out.

6. Soulwax "NY Lipps"

Over played disco melody with Nancy Whang vocals = hipster heaven.

7. Holy Ghost! "Hold On"

Bad meaning so bad it's good lyrics and disco rock- does 1+1 = 2?

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