EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, James Holden, Nu Speed & More


By: Megan Sutherland

EDM Culture: Los Angeles This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More

Yep, this last weekend was one for the books in the epic music department. How pinnacle were those patio vibes during Nikola Baytala's set at the JUST party for those who made it?! Well, no one wants to live in the past, so let us focus on this coming weekend. Dust off your dancing shoes once again, because here's the FUN forecast Los Angeles!


DISCOTèCH L.A. is a new weekly in Hollywood held on Wednesdays @ Couture Nightclub in the Heart of Hollywood. Couture night club claims to "represent the true essence of style, the spirit of glamour and the heartbeat of nightlife." After the successful 1st four weeks of this new shindig held there, they will continue playing Nu Disco, Deep House, House, Tech-House & Techno on the impressive TURBO Sound System. This weekly wild night features quality DJ's from around the globe while exploring our local Los Angeles & Hollywood talent pool.

EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More

Step into the dark.

Steve Prior enters the room and the restless crowd is hungry with anticipation- they’ve waited deep into the night for his signature extended set and won’t leave until satisfied. For Prior, the music isn’t about other DJ’s or outside influences... it’s about crafting the ultimate experience, the defining moments you remember losing yourself to for years to come.

He’s from Chicago and known as a ‘Chicago House’ DJ — but Prior chooses to sidestep the hometown connection and create his own name rather than dwell on where he came from. Some may say he’s crazy for not keeping the free association, but Prior took his misfit notoriety and used it to build a powerful base as a daring and innovative DJ in LA.

No Cover until 11pm, $5 or $10 after 11pm. 2 For 1 Drinks 9pm-11pm


EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More


Mister Nathaniel (HomeRoom, LA):is a Chicago house music veteran. After ten years working as a professional DJ in Chicago's fiercely competitive house music scene he moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a successful career scoring film and television. His DJ style has been honed over nearly 15 years of playing along side of house music luminaries such as Derrick Carter, The Juan Maclean, Mark Farina, Iz & Diz, Lee Foss, Mark Grant, James Curd and many more. Nathaniel's sound has been described as a blend of jack and groove, a little Chicago and a little UK, and a vibey blend of bass lines that criss-cross genre.
Patricio has been forging a style of his own since the first time he stepped behind the turntables in 1992. Sharpening his skills spinning vinyl at small clubs in LA, Patricio’s experience in the early 90’s behind the decks converted into a profound knowledge of what people want on the dance floor. Drawing on the passion and soul instilled in him growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has broken out of all confines of genres. Patricio’s sound has been known to be all over the musical spectrum but ultimately developed into a deep and moody side of house and techno, layered with beautiful melodies and a driving Bass. His sets are always fueled by the never-stopping energy that characterizes him and had been known to last longer than 8 hours at times.

Priest has performed in several countries all over the world, but has found his home in Los Angeles. Priest has been expressing his raw emotion the best way he knows how - by mixing and producing music for over a decade. He can mix anything from Drum n bass, breaks, house, techno downtempo and dubstep... During his shows he gets sucked into his zone, grabbing, twisting, and manipulating clusters of knobs and faders all choreographed to follow his momentary path of attack delivering next level
sounds and thunderous bass.

Sean Thomas has been working and involved with underground dance culture since 1995. First, as a DJ/Promoter with Philly’s influential Circle Crew who’s massive IT raves and weekly YOMAN club nights were integral in exposing a generation of young minds to proper music, DJs, sound and vibe throughout America’s East Coast. Second, as a DJ/Producer with considerable skill and ability, earning him the reputation as one of Philadelphia’s most exceptional selectors. Compelled to explore the deep end of sound and form new sonic pathways, Sean’s distinct style of fearless, innovative mixing and refined selection keeps dance floors engaged and awaiting his next maneuver.

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$10 at the door No smoking in the Red Loft: go outside
DJ's: Mr. Nathaniel: 10-12 https://soundcloud.com/recklessdriving
Patricio: 12-2 www.DJpatricio.com
Priest: 2-4 https://soundcloud.com/priestdj
Sean Thomas: 4-6 https://soundcloud.com/sean-thomas http://www.mixcloud.com/djseanthomas/ http://www.beatport.com/artist/sean-thomas/45526 http://dj.beatport.com/profile/79367 http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/seanthomas



EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More

For all you fashionistas and fashion foreword lads, TUNNELVISION is a revolutionary new nightlife experience.

VCR Vintage/Contemporary/Reconstructed Founder, Nereida J Villarreal and Shar Sten of We Open Art Houses - WOAH team up with Antigua Coffee House to present TUNNEL VISION, a one-night audiovisual event set within and inspired by the underground. Set-up along the overground periphery and below within a former pedestrian passageway in Cypress Park, TUNNEL VISION aims to be a temporary portal inducing expanded states of perception. Just as tunnels serve as convenient conduits for transit and telecommunication, we seek to create a space for communion and transcendence. Pooling tastes for audiovisual elements typically limited to LA’s ‘undergrounds,’ TUNNEL VISION bridges hyphenated-genre-eluding music, interactive light optics, and the in-between, to deliver a hypnotic experience of sight and sound, space and perception.
A new personal favorite female fatale artiste on the scene is NU SPEED... NuSpeed, as the name implies, has a penchant for playing music at a slow speed. She also experiments with methods of amending reality through her exploration of varied forms of artistic expression, which include music production, abstract videos and imajizz, pun-laden writing, and 'trans- dimensional photography.' NuSpeed aims to seek out new and hidden meanings that are lurking beyond our normal perceptual awareness, without any adherence to a specific genre or medium.
Beer provided by Lagunitas Brewing Co.
About VCR (Vintage Contemporary Reconstructed)


BASK: To lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure. synonyms: revel in, delight in, luxuriate in, wallow in, take pleasure in, rejoice in, glory in, indulge oneself in....

EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More

Do just that this Sunday funday at an iconic L.A location that I mention just about every week...duh, The Standard hotel rooftop downtown!

British techno sorcerer and psychedelic shaman james holden is a man of many talents: zeitgeist-defining label boss, trend-setting producer, hugely in-demand monster remixer, and last but by no means least, he can count himself amongst that very modern breed of disc jockey with a special knack for layering seemingly divergent records with an unparalleled musical ear. Founded in 2003 as a restriction-free outlet for his own music and launch pad for the production careers of his band of talented friends, james holden's Border Community label is now firmly established as one of the foremost breeding grounds for fresh young electronic talent, thanks to their small but faithful army of free-spirited genre benders who between them have injected a new life into the European scene.

Berlin based DJ and Producer Martin Landsky is deeply fascinated and forever-entwined with music. Since his pre-teen years, the now globally respected and sought-after musician grew up tinkering with cassette tapes, breakdancing to Funk and Rap on the streets and absorbing music. His discovery of the blossoming Acid House and Techno sounds of the late 1980s brought him in connection with the legendary Front club in Hamburg where his calling made itself known. The atmosphere of this club, where he soon gained a residency and met amongst others future Poker Flat boss Steve Bug, holds a very special place in Landsky‘s musical heart. The dark, sweaty and escapist atmosphere of the Front club, combined with growing huge appreciation for House and Techno, alongside Funk, Soul and Rap, fueled his desire to present his own take on all of this. Infusing his sound with a rich, funk influenced vibe, and tight, high-end studio sheen the sound of Martin Landksy began to evolve even further. Much like one of his DJ sets, his own productions present what he loves about the music, trying to surprise and break conventions.

Delinquent Frequency is a project brewed from two of the artists from the innovative Music Savages collective - Jake Patrick and Matthew Derham. This dynamic duo has held down major residencies at Avaland @ Avalon, Giant @ Vanguard, and have been the flagship residents for Harmonic's HEAR, BASK,
and DAMAGED GOODS series. The performance consists of spinning single tracks back to back and in chains of two, letting the flow of the set be determined by who spins the first track. The sound builds and grows. One bass line develops into a layered depth of sound, ornate yet simple and stripped down. Moving through an entire spectrum of genres during a set, Delinquent Frequency improvises new sound structures that groove you down to the bone. Prepare for some intricate chopped up beats paired with random bubbly synths that will leave you quivering; with driving, rolling percussive elements that you can’t help but shuffle your feet to. A unique style of dark bounce paired with smooth progressive layer mixing is guaranteed to turn you Delinquent.

With a lineup this divine you would be an idiot to miss the season's closing party. Remember, lines can get pretty ludicrous (and yes, when I first wrote this I thought it was spelt "ludacris." Damn you rap music!) so if you know what's good for you party people, get there early.
Time: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
RSVP is Mandatory.
Cost: $20 before 2pm with RSVP $25 After

Sunday OCTOBER 13

After you are done basking all day at the Standard, chug a 5 hour energy or whatever it is you do to get your 2nd wind, because Hollyweird hot spot LURE is host to the grand opening of a new night ya'll. IHC Sundays kicks off their shenanigans with these cool cats this weekend...

EDM Culture: Megan Sutherland's LA Event Picks This Week With Clockwork, Franki Chan, Steve Prior, Delinquent Frequency, James Holden, Nu Speed & More

CLOCKWORK Los Angeles-born DJ/Producer Clockwork is no stranger to the world of electronic music. The young producer was one of the many 18 year olds circulating the dance music blogospehere with various bootleg remixes. But in 2011, armed with support and guidance from fellow young guns Felix
Cartal and AutoErotique, Clockwork emerged from the throng of bedroom producers. His single “Squad Up” quickly caught the attention of internationally renowned DJ, and Dim Mak chief, Steve Aoki. Aoki signed Clockwork immediately, making him the youngest artist ever signed to Dim Mak’s prolific roster. Since the signing, Clockwork has officially remixed work for artists across the dance music spectrum, from Steve Aoki to Dimitri Vegas. With a prolific propensity to create, a progressive production style, and a genuine love for the performance, Clockwork’s future is looking bright.

Franki Chan is an indie dance celebrity who is not only a popular DJ but also the founder of IHEARTCOMIX, a Los Angeles-based promotion company that also operates its own record label and music blog. After growing up in Indiana, Chan moved to Washington state before making his way to Los Angeles, where he founded IHEARTCOMIX in 2003 and began promoting indie dance events. A couple years later came a record label (home to artists including the Toxic Avenger, Matt & Kim, and Protokoll) and then a music blog. By 2007 Chan had become a celebrity within the indie dance community.


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