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EDM Culture: Why SoundCloud Is Way Better Than Terrestrial Radio

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EDM Culture: Why SoundCloud Is Way Better Than Terrestrial Radio

American music industry analyst and critic Bob Lefsetz has repeatedly stated that streaming services are the new radio. Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud are increasingly putting people on to new music.

Personally, I agree. I probably haven't turned on a radio for over a year. It's predictable, generic and not exactly representative of what's really going on in the new electronic music scene.

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While the algorithms aren't perfect, streaming services get an idea of your preferences/taste and cue up songs that you might be interested in. While terrestrial radio is telling you should listen to, web-based streaming sites like SoundCloud seem to suggest music you might want to hear.

Recently while posting up on Luxxury's new "Night Fever" download, I was led to some really great tunes that I otherwise might have missed. I stopped at five, but I could have gone on for hours more. (Note: Because of my starting point, this list is nu-disco centric, but I've had similar experiences with most genres.

Here's where I started:

Bee Gees "Night Fever" (Luxxury Re-Edit)

And here's where I went

1.  Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop The Dance" (Todd Terje Remix)

I had not heard this before, definitely a good find.

2.  Copyshop_The Entertainer (LTJ Xperience remix)

Haven't really heard this since it dropped. It's fire though.

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3.  Escort - Makeover (JKriv Remix)

Heard this before, but whatever- I'm jammin again to the 90s disco house vibes.

4.  Goldroom feat. Chela - Fifteen (Final DJs When We Were Young Remix)

Been sleeping on Gold Panda. Heard good things, now I've finally heard them. And it's a free download!

5.  Kris Menace Presents Stars On 33 - Something You Can Feel (Reverso 68 Remix)

I don't know how I haven't heard this before. It's like "Get Lucky" but not "Get Lucky". I need it now.

Not bad for one run! My memory was refreshed on two tracks, I discovered three more, and one of them was a free download. And no commercials!

I'd just be mad if I turned on the radio.

Bonus: When writing up this post I discovered this-

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