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EDM Download: Pierre Real's "PIXL"; File Under 'Electro House'

EDM Download: Pierre Real's "PIXL"; File Under 'Electro House'

We have new electronic music for your weekend! Check out 'PIXL' from LA-based DJ Pierre Real--part of his EP titled "8-Bit Adventure".

PIXL has an innovative sound that combines chiptune synths with modern EDM. For your music education spank bank, 'chiptune' is a throwback 80's-90's synth used in video games like "Centipede", "Space Invaders" and "Mario Bros". We bet that conjures a memory or two.

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PIXL has a sexy lead, a dirty baseline and a catchy drop. Everything you could want from a finely textured track. DJ Pierre Real has been on the EDM scene for a few years, but has only recently developed his unique electro house music sound. And we dig it.

Get your free EP download here.

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