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EDM Download: The Chainsmokers TomorrowWorld 2013 Live Set


EDM Download: The Chainsmokers TomorrowWorld 2013 Live Set

I'm not going to say too much about this new electronic music live mix except its really good and makes me a little bummed I didn't make it TomorrowWorld to see the Chainsmokers play. These guys are doing it right.

Here's a message from the Chainsmokers to their fans- the Soundcloud stream follows.

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Hey Everyone... Thank you so much for making this show the most incredible experience of our lives. To see so many fans we have communicated with over the internet or met at different occasions all up bright and early at 1230 for some Chainsmokers craziness meant everything to us...

We cannot thank you all enough, we don't look at any of you as fans, but as real friends and cannot express enough how the support you have shown us drives us to be better and keep pushing forward. Its truly the highest honor for us to share our dream with you all. You have made a reality that once seemed impossible more real than most things in our lives.... We love you and the good news is, this is JUST the beginning!

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