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EDM Interview: The Road to Q-Dance: Coone, Gunz for Hire and Psyko Punkz Talk Raw Hardstyle, Bringing Hard Dance to North America, and what to Expect at The Shrine

EDM News: The Road to Q-Dance: Coone, Gunz for Hire and Psyko Punkz Talk Raw Hardstyle, Bringing Hard Dance to North America, and what to Expect at The Shrine

Southern California is about to reach an entirely new level of loud. This Saturday, October 5th The Sound of Q Dance will grace the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with the unmistakable sounds of Q- Dance, and The Harder styles of Dance Music. This night promises to deliver some of the most revered production value in EDM Culture- pyrotechnics, multi-color laser displays and larger than life stages just barely scratch the surface of what Q-Dance plans to showcase. Not to mention, the talent is unparalleled- Coone, Gunz for Hire, Humanoise, Noisecontrollers, Psyko Punkz, Wildstylez and MC Villain are going to blow Los Angeles into an vibrant electric wasteland.

We were able to catch up with Hardstyle Commanders- Coone, Gunz for Hire and Psyko Punkz before they take to the decks this Friday night. Here is what they had to say about their fans, their new electronic music, and their mission as hardstyle artists:

I think that it is pretty safe to say that harder dance music conveys a strong message to its fans. What do you try to put through with your music? What separates hard dance from the rest of the EDM culture?

COONE: I love to send a message out to my fans. My lyrics always tell a story. Hardstyle is the same like the trance scene, once you like it you are hooked. For most fans it has become a lifestyle. The audience is very dedicated, this way you can really reach them with your music.

GUNZ FOR HIRE: Hardstyle is built to party, itís a sound that brings so much energy to the stage, it can really take you to a higher level. Itís all about unique sound design, deep kicks and massive basslines, large cinematic breaks and euphoric melodies. Hardstyle brings out the party beast inside of you, itís about forgetting everyday life for one night, and letting yourself go. Itís something you have to experience for yourself.

PSYKO PUNKZ: We try to put a lot of energy in our music with a nice melody and catchy lyrics. And we always try to maintain a drive in our tracks. What separates the music we make from the rest of EDM is the kick. Our scene has the most dedicated fans of all scenes. They live and breath this music, events are the place where they come together and go up in the music and forget about everything. The kick and the energy in our music release them of all stress. It is beautiful to see that it doesn't matter whether it rains, where all other people in other scenes will run to a tent to shelter from the rain, our people stay united and party like there is no tomorrow, the unity is so special, our music brings people together. One time there was a guy that came to us with tears in his eyes, he told us a story about how he was so depressed and didn't want to go on, until he heard the track "Feel the Rhythem", that gave him the strength, he said it saved his live. We feel blessed that we can make a difference in someones life with our music. So as for how long we can do this we will make this music.

What are you most looking forward to performing at Q-Dance at the Shrine in LA?

COONE: I have been in LA before and I just love the city and its audience. I am curious how Q-dance is going to put this thing together. Since Q stands for Quality and its amazing productions.

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GUNZ FOR HIRE: Weíre really excited to see if America is ready for the more raw side in hardstyle and the Gunz For Hire sound. Itís our first time in America with Gunz For Hire, so we donít really know what to expect. But weíre really looking forward to meeting our American fans, and finally bring them our music live on stage. We will bring a 30 minute live set filled with so much energy it will blow The Shrine straight of the map. When we wear the mask and the suit, something inside of us changes, the beast inside is unleashed. We do our vocals live and send all this energy inside of us to the people. Itís about creating a feeling of unity, for 30 minutes we want the venue to be one big bowl of energy, where every single person can experience the true power of raw hardstyle.

PSYKO PUNKZ: The people, we just love them! Man they know how to party! The last time we were in LA, the love, the vibe, just insane! So on the October 5th, we will give our everything, our love back to our fans by tearing that MF roof off!!! So looking forward to it!

EDM has really began taking chances- dipping into many genres and cross-producing across both EDM and outside genres of music. If you could collaborate with someone outside of hard dance, or EDM altogether, who would you choose?

COONE: I love to work with artists from different genres, because it evolves your style and enlarges the group of listeners. I am a huge fan of Eminem, so he would definitely be someone who Iíd wish to work with from outside the genre. Of course that is setting the bar quite high, but if this would ever happen, that would automatically be my ënewí biggest achievement.

PSYKO PUNKZ: It would definitely be the Prodigy. The act, the music, it's genius! Like, you can still play tracks of them of years ago, it's still rocking every club and every festival. And it even doesn't matter what kind of festival or club night, everyone likes it. Their energy and freaky-ness and hard "underground" music would go very good with our music, they are the true Psyko Punkz in every way. They are so progressive. We also respect Deadmau5, his music is so well produced. His music can be various but always with that signature sound. So a collab with him would be insane. There are so many good artists in the world, also so many still have to be discovered. Under the singers it would be Sia, we just love her voice. It's so recognizable and one of a kind. So to work with her would be a dream.

What do you have planned for the future? Now that hardstyle is branching outside of the normal territories (Australia, Netherlands, etc) Do you see your style changing to accommodate the more streamlined sounds of EDM or do you plan to stay true to your roots?

GUNZ FOR HIRE: We make music that we love, we donít make music because itís popular in a certain market. That doesnít mean our music will not evolve, itís always good to keep an open mind to new influences. But our music will always be on the raw side of hardstyle, and we will always stay true to our roots.

PSYKO PUNKZ: Grow our Psyko Foundation! More music, great collabs, more performances, our own lifestyle clothing brand will be out soon. New and improved website. We have so many things we are setting up, so keep an eye out, be our Psyko Soldier!

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