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10 Scary EDM Songs To Throw In Your DJ Set This Halloween

It is that time of the year again to throw down some spooky tunes.
EDM News: 10 Scary EDM Songs To Throw In Your DJ Set This Halloween

It's officially Halloween season. The month when it's socially acceptable to wear assless chaps in public, and where virtually any costume has a "slutty" version. So basically-it's our favorite time of the year. Here are some spooky, Halloween-themed songs to mix in your DJ set at Halloween parties (if you don't spin, this list will to get you through the next few consecutive days of drinking).

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Enjoy our 10 scariest EDM Songs for Halloween.

1. Internet Friends - Knife Party

2. Raise the Dead - Le Castle Vania feat. Cory Brandan

3. Kill Everybody - Skrillex

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4. DMC Devil May Cry - Noisia

5. Stress - Justice

6. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

7. Moar Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5

8. Zombies - Bro Safari & UFO!

9. Nightfall - Phuture Doom

And for our scariest EDM song of ALL TIME… We are literally shitting our pants.

10. Good Time - Paris Hilton feat. Afrojack & Lil Wayne

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