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EDM News: Ali Love Releases Music Video For "Another"; Album Due 2014


EDM News: Ali Love Releases Music Video For "Another"; Album Due 2014

Ali Love’s highly anticipated new electronic music single 'Another' now has a stunning set of visuals to match the song itself. Crosstown Rebels record label boss, Damien Lazarus, dubbed it as his most requested track of the summer and its techno soul tendencies have been matched visually by the very talented Craig Murray.

Inspired by films like Altered States, Strange Days and Enter The Void, Murray's reincarnation explores the realms of fantasy through escapism. Avoiding the computer generated effects of 21st century film; everything in the video comes courtesy of DIY filmmaking using minimal tools. That means real explosions plus a tray of milk as the backdrop for inks and oils that were then artfully layered over the film.

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The single comes with remixes from Tuff City Kids (aka Gerd Janson & Phillip Laur) and the inimitable Felix Da Housecat. Tuff City Kids channel Reese, and drive it deeper, whilst Felix Da Housecat smooths things out and turns the emotion dial to 11.

Ali is busy putting the finishing touches to next year's album. 'Another' is a sign of big things to come.

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