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EDM News: Armin Van Buuren Announces Armin Only: Intense World Tour

EDM News: Armin Van Buuren Announces Armin Only: Intense World Tour

Listen up EDM culture lovers, the world-wide Trance Family is once again preparing for the global Armin Only tour. The Armin Only tour, which the King of Trance uses as a platform to promote his label, album, and upcoming artists- is one of the longest running, most highly anticipated events in electronic music history. The only predictable element of the Armin Only: Intense tour, is to expect the unexpected. This is the opposite of a festival, this is a unique massive intended to take the audience on an emotional, musically driven journey through utopia. Six house of solid, heartfelt, mind-blowing trance.

Here is what our friends at Lessthan3 had to say about the announcement:

"The massive, stadium-filling tour kicks off in Amsterdam Nov. 15 and 16 and jets off to Kiev before hitting eastern Europe and Finland and skipping the pond to New York for a stretch across the US. Not sparing many locales from the Intensity of his famed tours, Armin Only will even stop off in Australia for two dates before touching down in South Africa and finishing out in Moscow, making sure his giant production hits almost all continents."

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Armin Only: Intense Schedule--

28-12-2013 Kiev, Ukraine
24-01-2014 Mumbai, India
07-02-2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
08-02-2014 St. Petersburg, Russia
21-02-2014 Minsk, Belarus
22-02-2014 Helsinki, Finland
11-04-2014 New York, USA
17-04-2014 Chicago, USA
19-04-2014 Toronto, Canada
03-05-2014 Vancouver, Canada
09-05-2014 Los Angeles, USA
TBA San Francisco, USA
16-05-2014 Monterrey, Mexico
17-05-2014 Mexico City, Mexico
07-06-2014 Melbourne, Australia
08-06-2014 Sydney, Australia
14-06-2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
27-09-2014 Moscow, Russia

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SOURCE | Lessthan3

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