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EDM News: Cannabis And 'Club Drug' Legalization Considered In The UK


EDM News: Cannabis And 'Club Drug' Legalization Considered In The UK

The Sunday Times in the UK is reporting that some government officials in the United Kingdom are considering legalizing cannabis and certain 'club drugs'.

According to the Sunday Times “a review ordered by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, and due before Christmas, is expected to suggest that Britain could benefit from emulating two American states where the use of recreational cannabis is legal.”

The report is also expected to call for the introduction of “a new approach to club drugs” in addition to a shift in heroin policy.

Citing the Sunday Times article, EDM culture publication goes on to report that ‘club drug’ policy may consider New Zealand’s recent experiment “where drug designers are being given the opportunity to gain permission and a license for their product if they can show that the pills and chemicals are safe for the user”.

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The potential policy shift comes after a separate British newspaper, the UK Independent, reported earlier this month that despite the war on drugs’ efforts, the cost of illegal drugs has fallen while the purity has increased, both substantially.

This information has come from a report published in the British Medical Journal Open, written by the International Center for Science in Drug Policy.

The Independent states that Dr. Evan Wood (the report’s co-author and scientific chairman of the Center) recommends “we should look to implement policies that place community health and safety at the forefront of our efforts, and consider drug use a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue.”

While this news is not indicative of an immediate change in the UK (any major shift would most likely face substantial opposition), it does present some pragmatic, unorthodox discussion in today's drug debates.


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