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EDM News: Datsik Joins Coldcock Whiskey's Roster

EDM News: Datsik Joins Coldcock Whiskey's Roster

The Hip Hop Industry has had a long-time love affair with alcohol endorsements: Diddy and Ciroc; Pitbull and Voli; Ke$ha and anything. With the rise of the EDM culture mainstream, it's only natural for an EDM and liquor pairing to present itself. Introducing, Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey and their newly minted partnership with Dubstep DJ DATSIK.

What is "herbal whiskey" you ask?

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The mad scientists at Coldcock married aged Kentucky whiskey with a thoughtful blend of herbs and spices to create this Dubstep DJ-approved concoction. In laymen's terms, you get the tasty satisfaction of an American whiskey minus the sugar hangover in the AM. Bye bye, Fireball shots.

Why Datsik?

Coldcock wanted an EDM DJ that could only take their brand skyward--a badass with a unique style, sound, and someone as effortlessly cool as the Herbal Whiskey tastes. With a string of Beatport #1 releases, sell-out tours and a rapidly growing fan base, Datsik was an easy choice to make. And not only is Datsik a shareholder in the brand, he's an advocate. "My first reaction to this product was amazing, it felt really smooth and I have been drinking it regularly since I was first introduced," says Datsik. It sounds like a match made in party heaven. Even the fist-pump graphic on the gorgeously crafted Coldcock bottle screams "rage your fucking face off".

We here at Magnetic (grudgingly and happily) love watching EDM culture seep into the mainstream. The EDM scene has come a long way since basements and desert wastelands--it's beautiful and terrible and wonderful, all at once. Partnerships like Coldcock and Datsik are proof of EDM's legitimacy, and status in popular culture. Now, who's thirsty?

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