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EDM News: DJ Mag Responds To The Top 100 List Controversy- Does It Explain The Results?

EDM News: DJ Mag Responds To Famous Top 100 List Controversy- Does It Explain The Results?

Last weekend, every house-head, festival addict and EDM enthusiast anxiously anticipated the results of DJ Mag's famous "Top 100 DJs List." The top ten spots, generally the most coveted positions of the list, caused a bit of a mixed response- but the list in its entirety is what set off one of the biggest controversial responses the Mag has ever seen. DJ's, fans, publications, PR firms, and everyone in between seemed to have something to say about the list. Fans were infuriated that their favorite DJ did not make the list, DJ's were anything but amused at the results (except for Hardwell, we imagine he's pretty stoked.)

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It was only a matter of time before DJ Mag came out with something to say about these wicked accusations. Here are the ten things DJ Mag claims readers need to know about their side of the story.

Sit down, Mau5heads. Your eager and thirsty minds crave this kind of rebuttal....

1: It's a Public Vote.
DJ Mag doesn't choose the DJ's- the voters do. They are simply the guardians of the poll.
Meaning... DJ Mag sets all the rules

2: It's the biggest poll of its kind.
Votes come from 190 counties worldwide. With this large of a cross-section vote, the results always offer the most comprehensive list of global dance music.
Global Dance Music... You mean Tomorrowland headliners? If we're talking about 'global' sensations- then where the hell is Miley? WE WANT MILEY!

3: The World is bigger than Berghain
The dance world is massive, don't be surprised if niche dance scenes or "underground" didn't make the polls. Over 750,000 votes entered the poll this year, and dance styles differ from country to country.
The World is bigger than Berghain yes, but also includes small towns like London, LA, New York, Tokyo And Sydney.

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4: What do we mean by 'The World's No.1 DJ'?
Everyone loves lists, and the poll is a good chance to survey the international dance community. Top 100 is about finding the world's most popular DJ's- not the most gifted.
Thank You for the ingenious response. I think most of us can tell the list isn't based on talent. The only gift honored in this list is the biggest PR campaign. GO POLITICS!

5: Some people get really angry about it.
Every year the list stirs up controversy- if you're really upset about it, you should probably reconsider what's really important in life- after all, dance music was created to help people escape and have fun. Let's keep it that way.
Then why are you still doing it? Scheming controversy- what a splendid way of showing how to "escape and have fun." Maybe you should reconsider what's really important in the industry?

6: For every hater, there's a lover.
For every tweet riling against us because certain DJ's didn't make the poll, there's another passionately pledging congratulations to those who did.
Ahh, Yes... After all, a publicist's job is never over!

7: Not in it? Don't complain. Campaign!
As with any general election or form of democratic process, potential candidates canvas for votes for a chance to win. Paul Oakenfold said himself, "It’s a popularity chart more now than based on your craft – you either say ‘Forget it’, or you campaign like everyone else, cos if you don’t campaign you don’t get in it, and the harder you campaign the more you’re gonna go up."
A popularity chart... Well, that's really damn original. How about actually putting some deep thought into your craft? We already have Billboard. (And a long list of self-indulgent artists... fuel the fire a little more, please.)

8: Why Daft Punk?
It's simple, you cast the vote. We count them. As guardians of the poll it's our duty to print a list that's truly representative of your voting behavior.
Hold Up- We can vote for anybody!? Well, Shit. Ours is on Miley. #WreckingBall

9: The poll is only a small part of what we do.
Apart from the Top 100 DJ issue, we publish 11 other issues a year, run a website that is updated daily and put on events all over the world.
Thank You for outlining the corporate niche. Bravo.

10: If you want to know what we think of dance music today, read the mag!
The poll is offered as YOUR chance to have a say. We ask you to tell us who YOUR favorite DJ's are.
That doesn't change the fact that you still publish the list that causes the most uproar in our happy little community.

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What are your thoughts? Is it possible to create a true poll based on talent?

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