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EDM News: Event Recap- Pierce Fulton Gets Weird at Webster Hall In NYC


By Christopher Casino

EDM News: Event Recap- Pierce Fulton Gets Weird at Webster Hall In NYC

I have been raving about Pierce Fulton ever since I heard his remix of Usher's "Scream". I saw him spin for the first time last October when he opened for Wolfgang Gartner at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. Blown away by Pierce's sound, I have been dying for another chance to be graced by his presence. I give a lot of credit and respect to new electronic music producers that come from a background like his, of playing in a wide variety of bands, and use their skills to create intelligent compositions.

Known for his Pardon My French EP on Cr2 and tracks like "Who Wants Spaghetti?" and more recently‚"Where We Were", it is no surprise that he has received support and recognition from world renowned DJs like Above & Beyond and Paul Oakenfold. Pierce lives by his motto, 'Get Weird', which is just what we all did with him on Saturday night during his first Webster Hall and Brite Nites experience.

EDM News: Event Recap- Pierce Fulton Get's Weird at Webster Hall In NYC

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At 1:30, the grand ballroom went dark as Pierce took the stage. Greeting the crowd, he opened up with an unnamed and unreleased track that had been made 3 hours before the show. This brought back the level of excitement I had last year in New Haven. The filtered electro melody of the build is laid over a light one-two drum beat which turns into a very powerful and uplifting harmony at the drop that had the crowd in love. The track has a little bit of a glitchy feel and I personally enjoy that, because your body has to be alert and adjust as the song progresses.

Pierce proceeded, for the next two and a half hours, to bring the crowd an enlightened musical experience. Dipping into everything from house to trance to dubstep, he championed sounds from the likes of Deniz Koyu, Eric Prydz, Skrillex, Dada Life, Armin van Buuren, and many more. One track that really got the crowd going was ‚"Pursuit" by Gesaffelstein. I lost it and made sure I had plenty of room to dance when I heard it being mixed in. The heavy and hyper bass lines accompanied by Brite Nite's lighting and visuals were incredible stimulating.

EDM News: Event Recap- Pierce Fulton Get's Weird at Webster Hall In NYC

On another note, I have attended numerous events at Webster Hall and have personally never been more impressed by the artistic support displayed for Pierce through Brite Nites' signature acrobats and fire dancers. Everyone around me stopped at one point when a guy and girl were doing a tandem performance. The strength and agility to be able to support not only yourself, but another fully grown human in the air is unbelievable (especially when I struggle to even touch my toes).

Winding down our journey, I was happy that "Taito" made its way into the set. Mord Fustang is one of my favorite producers and I feel that some of his elements are reflected in Pierce's productions. I found myself thinking this after hearing his new ID and while I do not know the extent of their relationship, I hope they collaborate somewhere down the road. The world could use some more Fulton.

With the extensive amount of people that inhabit New York City, there is an infinite amount of shows to see every weekend. The right choice though, on this night, was partying with the ever talented Pierce Fulton. Full of energy on stage, you could tell that he was truly ecstatic to be in front of this energetic New York crowd. He is definitely an artist that you should not take your eyes (or should I say ears) off of. Come back soon Pierce!

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