EDM News: Low End Theory Seven Year Anniversary Recap Featuring The Return of Gaslamp Killer


By: Taylor Barnes

EDM News: Low End Theory Seven Year Anniversary Recap Featuring The Return of Gaslamp Killer

On Wednesday October 16th, Low End Theory celebrated its seven year anniversary and continued its legacy as the mecca of the LA beat-scene.

Just a week prior, Low End Theory experienced what was probably its most out of control event to date when people in line became unruly waiting to see Tyler the Creator perform. The cops were called and appeared in full riot gear to evacuate the club and barricade the block.

Last wednesday, beat-scene fans and aficionados came from all over Los Angeles to celebrate the club night's anniversary. Low End Theory co-founder Daddy Kev tweeted "A bit overwhelmed by the amount of people at @LOWENDTHEORY tonight. Was hoping for a mellow one." After the insanity of the previous week's event, the staff at Low End Theory decided to play it safe by shutting the doors early.

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The anniversary featured extended sets by the club's residents D-Styles, Nobody, Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer, and MC Nocando. The residents played a wide variety of tracks ranging from past Low End Theory heaters to brand new tracks from artists like EPROM, Danny Brown, and Pusha T while MC Nocando provided free form lyrical greatness over beat instrumentals whenever possible.

The event also marked The Gaslamp Killer's first performance since his serious scooter accident. He spun a phenomenal set mixing unknown records along with unreleased material from Hudson Mohawke. During hisset, The Gaslamp Killer exclaimed, "This is LA's music birthday party." This seemed highly appropriate considering that Low End Theory has always hosted music that might seem ahead of its time. In fact, Low EndTheory has been playing music which might now be considered trap, years before this edm sub-genre even existed. When nobody released the single from his album about a year ago he tweeted, "I'M A BETTER TRAP DJ THAN ALL THE DUDES IN THAT DOCUMENTARY... AND I WAS ROCKIN' TRAP BEATS WHEN MOST OF THEN WERE WOBBLING…"

MC Nocando summed up Low End Theory excellently when he stated that above all it's about the music here. While EDM events like EDC and HARD have concert attendees who go purely to party, Low End Theory is the
polar opposite.

The event wouldn't be possible without the Airliner, the venue which hosts Low End Theory every wednesday, or the fans who Nocando cited as the reason you'll never see a fight break out there.

Despite the slight hiccup at the Tyler the Creator show, Low End Theory has proved that it will continue its legacy as LA's beat music hub for many years to come.

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