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EDM News: Magnetic Interviews Hardstyle Headliners Noisecontrollers On The Road To Q-Dance At The Shrine

EDM News: Magnetic Interviews Hardstyle Headliners Noisecontrollers On The Road To Q-Dance At The Shrine

It's the day before Q-Dance at the Shrine in Los Angeles! We got a chance to catch up with Bas of Hardstyle DJ Duo Noisecontrollers before they take to the stage tomorrow night. Originally from the Netherlands (the heart of hardstyle), Noisecontrollers has made a serious name for themselves all over the world, and more recently in North America's EDM culture. Arjan's hip-hop background meshed with Bas' hard-trance styles and they took off from there. In 2005 they set out on a quest with one goal: To bring hardstyle to the next level. That's exactly what they've done. Check out what they have to say about Hardstyle, the twisting genres of EDM, and taking over North America with pounding kicks and larger than life melodies.

Harder dance music conveys a strong message to its fans through lyrics, riffs and heavy beats- What kind of message do you try to put through with your music? What separates hard dance from the rest of the EDM culture?

NC : I don't like to think in different styles of EDM but more as music as a whole in general. For me music is a way to generate emotions. When I produce a track, I want it to give me a special kind of feeling and emotion. If that works out I hope to give listeners the same kind of experience. I dont know if there are many differences with the rest of the EDM culture compared to hard-dance. In the end its all about enjoying the music you love.

Agreed. There are a lot of critics out there who believe hardstyle is a single sound. Do you feel it is your job to change their mind? Of is it simply their loss?

NC : I guess both. Ofcourse i want to convince people of the beauty and energy of hardstyle. On the other hand the only way to do so is to let one listen to it and/or experience it at a party. That should be enough! There would only be a real loss if someone never heard of hard style just because he or she never got across with it.

Well said, it would be a shame for someone not to enjoy it just because they don't know what it is. Tell me- What are you most looking forward to performing at Q-Dance?

NC : Well the U.S is still quite unchartered territory for us, and of course it is always good to play at Q-dance gigs anyway, as they do an outstanding job on production.

Q-Dance has definitely taken the lead in production value. It's amazing. Hardstyle is not new to North America, but it is definitely breaking through and becoming increasingly popular. Do you feel that North AmericaÌs response to hardstyle is going to permanent?

NC : Absolutely. If you once tasted it you won't leave it. But as with all music, hardstyle will keep developing and changing. I don't know if it will change in a direction they will love. Neither do I... But considering the amazing producers in our scene I doubt I will ever stop loving hardstyle.

You have already won over North America! Your sounds have been remixed by Tiesto, and many other DJ's at major festivals worldwide and found their way onto labels beyond the world of hardstyle- what is your response to this spotlight? Do you think the gap between hard dance music and house music or other genres of EDM is bridging?

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NC : I think from an an overall sound sound point-of-view, the gap has become smaller between genres and there is more of a crossover angle towards producing. On the other hand I think producers and DJ's are more interested in each other's skills in the studio rather than the style they produce. It's a great development in my opinion, more and more producers meet each other and start collabing

Have you ever considered crossing into another genre? What would it be?

NC : I never considered it as music production isn't that much of a choice for me, more a conviction. I've always produced different styles of music and whatever genre suited me for that moment. For example in 2010 we came out playing dubstep, hardcore and other styles in our sets. I guess we always looked at crossing over!

In the last few years, EDM has really began taking chances with genre-dipping altogether. If you could collaborate with someone outside of hard dance, or EDM altogether, who would it be?

NC : The Art of Noise for me. They were pioneers in controlling sounds.

That would be a collab worth looking forward to. Alright, final questions! What is the mission of Noisecontrollers? Why do you guys do what you do?

NC : It basically is all about making the music you love. Our sound is the result of years of producing and developing as a producer in taste, genre and skills in the studio. This will continue and it would be amazing to have a sneak preview of a track I will produce in 5 years. To bad we can't!

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Catch Noisecontrollers at The Sound of Q-Dance Saturday, October 5th at The Shrine, LA alongside the talents of Wildstylez, Psyko Punkz, Coone, Gunz for Hire, and Humanoise, hosted by MC Villain.

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