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EDM News: Review Of Sub Focus' "Torus"

EDM News: Review Of Sub Focus' "Torus"

On Monday, Sub Focus released his much anticipated new electronic music album, "Torus." The unique approach to his sampling little teasers before its release through a Virtual 3D treasure hunt, not only had my interest peaked, but made me curious to just how creative and out of the box this album would be. After getting a little taste for the album through successfully scouring the globe for discs (and hearing previews), I was finally able to sit down Monday and take a listen from start to finish.

"Torus" is both melodically stunning and bass bumping goodness. From the track "Safe in Sound," playing on Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead," to the much played "Endorphins," I was already hypnotized by the unique vocals and infectious sound three songs deep. This album plays heavy on the emotions and really utilizes unique vocals to help build a connection with the listener. As I continued on my electric journey track after track, I was kind of reminded of what I'd imagine people back in the 80's would cruise the coast to. "Until the End," made me want to hop into the car and ponder life with a good drive. "Tidal Wave," which is probably one of my favorite tracks besides, "Torus," had my heart beating directly with the bass, feeling like I was in the song and made for me. I highly suggest checking out the full album yourself and building a connection to "Torus," like I have. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

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