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EDM News: Zombie Disco Squad Chats With Magnetic About Zombie Raves, Robbing Graveyards & New EP

EDM News: Zombie Disco Squad Chats With Magnetic About Zombie Raves, Robbing Graveyards & New EP

London-based producer, Nat Self aka Zombie Disco Squad has been in the game since 2006. His latest EP release, 'Hands' on Dirtybird has been satiating our appetite for wonky, ghetto booty-bass beats. The three-tracker kicks off with the title tracks, a piano-driven club smasher that quite literally will have you swaying your hands in the air.

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My personal favorite, 'Bang Ze Box' is an entrancing futuristic composition where stomach-growling bass lines, pitched down vocals and other worldly synths fit the bass-ment aesthetic of UK deep house. The last one, 'Drop' has signature Dirtybird booty shaking 808s and paddle ball bouncing bass lines.

Magnetic sat down with ZDS to get a see what he's up to nowadays. Take a read-

What inspired the name Zombie Disco Squad? Once we are all victims of zombie apocalypse, will you be the headlining DJ at the first zombie rave? Where will this party take place?

The name is a quote from a column about a party some friends and I used to do. We were called The Blackhearts and the journalist described us as a 'zombie disco squad'. It kinda stuck.

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At this zombie rave, will you play tracks from your ‘Hands’ EP? Could you tell us about this release? What is the idea behind it? Why do you call it ‘Hands’?

The track is called Hands because it is meant to be a kinda euphoric hands up kinda track - frankly I don't know if the undead will go for it that much (unless your talking about the after hours kind of zombies). The other two tracks are much more down the bass-ment music vibe

Dirtybird puts out the best in bass music. How has being part of the clan influenced your music and you as a person? What’s the best piece of advice any body from their camp ever gave you? Any fun experiences you’d like to share when touring with them?

I fell in love with the label in about 2005- ish and met most of them, not long after that. I count basically everyone in the crew as a good friend. DB has influenced me by pushing me too be the best kinda producer I can be. The core crew is so good it's very inspiring and really drives me on.

The best bit of advice came from Christian Martin - he said "dood jut be a dude."

I read that one time while you were partying in Cocoon in Frankfurt you DJ’ed in your tidy whities. How did that all come about? Was that something you wanted to cross off your bucket list, what’s the story here?

Not much too tell really. Got smashed (drunk). It was hot. I took my trousers off. My mate pulled my undergarments down. Flashed the club- I'M JUST HAPPY IT WAS WARM IN THERE.

Picture yourself robbing a graveyard. What track/s would you use to compose a soundtrack around that?

What do you think is the best way to, ‘sell out’?

Don't make the music you like. If you get big no one can say you sold out, you are just doing the music you like and it happens to have become popular. Skrillex is a good example of this.

What’s next after this EP?

I'm writing new EP's right this second. They are penciled for early next year. Aside from that just the normal tomfoolary that goes with being a touring DJ.

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