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Exclusive Premier: Jacob Plant's 'Warehouse' EP Promo Mix; File Under 'UK Electro House Music'



Exclusive Premier: Jacob Plant's 'Warehouse' EP Promo Mix; File Under 'UK Electro House Music'

New electronic music artist Jacob Plant had already hit the ground running by the time Calvin Harris picked him up into is label Fly Eye Records, to which he released his career-making remix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘I need your Love.’ He then went on to release hit tracks such as ‘Fire’ and ‘Shakedown’ on the label as well producing other releases for Mau5trap, Mercury, Ministry of Sound, Cr2, 3Beat Records and more.

Sweeping through the English electro scene, 22-year-old Jacob Plant is gearing up for a 3 track pounding electro-house EP ‘Warehouse’. Out on the 28th of October, ‘Warehouse EP’ will be the inaugural release on Jacob's new label: Shakedown Records.

The 'Warehouse EP' contains assorted retro elements of dance music, which Jacob has effectively modernised through his pumping electro production. First single from the EP, 'When I Say Go' has been supported on BBC Radio 1 by Zane Lowe, and the second track 'Can't Hold It Back' has been premiered by Radio1 tastemaker MistaJam.

In order to help promote the EP, Jacob has put together a smoking hot promo mix that starts off fast and does not let go of the throttle until it's done. The mix clocks in at 30 mins, and could also be filed under 'high intensity cardio'. Yeah it's like that.

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Here's the stream where you can download the mix. A couple of premiers from the Warehouse EP immediately follow.

Warehouse EP premiers

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