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Hot Since 82 Talks With Magnetic On His West Coast Debut - House Music - Interview

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Hot Since 82 Talks With Magnetic On His West Coast Debut - House Music - Interview

Leeds based DJ/Producer Daley Padley, AKA Hot Since 82, is glowing when I meet him in the lobby of the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood, and for good reason. Actually for several reasons- it’s his first time in Los Angeles, his new album Little Black Book had just been released on Moda Black/Ultra Music, and night before he was on the decks at Monday Social (LA’s longest running dance night) inside Sound Nightclub. He’s too humble to ever admit it, but judging by his demeanor, you can tell he killed it.

Padley is still taking everything in, stopping for a moment to snap a picture of James Dean’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We are on our way to grab a bite to eat at a café on Hollywood Blvd.

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Despite all the rumors of what it’s like to play Los Angeles (bottle service pretentiousness and Paris Hilton wannabees), Padley didn’t have any expectations for his West Coast debut. He says, “clubs are the same all around the world. If you’re a good DJ you can work the crowd. If you’re doing your job, you’re going to have a great party. Immediately walking in [Sound], I could feel the vibe- it was there. I was hyped to start playing.”

As far as the music for the night, the songs from Little Black Book were working as well as “tracks with some energy and not too underground- A bit melodic. It’s all about taking someone on a journey; instead of a few hours of boom boom boom.”

It’s of style of DJing reflected in both his ‘hall of fame’ Essential Mix that aired over the summer, as well what you can find on Little Black Book. “The most important thing for me was for someone to pop it in their car or play it on their iTunes and get a feeling of how it would be to see me live in the club.”

For the album, he curated a selection of some of the tracks that have helped contribute to 2013 becoming a very successful year for him, as well as brand new compositions.

“I included three remixes of mine that have already come out- the Green Velvet, Rudimental and the Shadow Child. All the rest were original tracks. I didn’t really have a formula. I’d draft some music up on the road, then get in the studio and just finish it. Every single track that I wrote made it onto the album, and it’s mixed really nicely. I’m very happy with it”

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While some DJ/producers skate around vagueness when answering questions about their recording, Padley is fairly specific. “I like a track to take me somewhere. So there are always drops and build ups, really epic breaks. I flick through the synths and find some weird noises, like an atmospheric thing. That’s how I write a record . . . just a kick and a clap, and then a held note. Then there’s a moment there, where it starts to sound all weird and melodic, and then I build on that”

The soul, Padley says, comes in as “the essence of writing a track- just feeling the vibe.”

His ability to pair human soul with dark tech sounds in his music has allowed Padley to travel the world and back, providing a first hand insight on what the global dance scene is really like. While many are predicting that dance music’s center is moving to Los Angeles, he doesn’t agree. “I don’t see it. I don’t think Ibiza will ever die out. It has a spirit and a soul like no other place. Nothing will ever replace Ibiza.”

When asked if Ibiza has turned too commercial over the past few years he says “Since 2007, it’s changed a lot, and in the last two or three years there have been more [bottle service type] tables. You can see it going a little more VIP. But also there’s been loads of underground parties. Loads of new ones.” Acccording to Padley, the underground in Ibiza is still thriving.


However, he’s cognoscente of some shift, recognizing Los Angeles holds some importance “for the EDM big guys maybe, but not really for underground music yet. I’m positive for the scene though, if it works that’s great, I’d love to come out here and play more.”

For the moment though, Padley is content with what he has back home in the English countryside. “When I fly back home, I have my friends and family at my doorstep. Who are you without friends and family? They take you straight back down to earth. They don’t blow smoke up your ass. They not interested in Hot Since 82. They just love me for me.”

Home is clearly a source of creativity for Padley as he says “when I go home everything is normal. I live in the countryside as well so it’s beautiful- it’s really inspiring. I have a good life. I’m just happy to be making music and travelling and going back home spending time with my loved ones.

The next spot Hot From 82 wants to conquer?

“Vegas”, he says. “I’d like to see what it’s all about!”

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