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Spotlight SD Series: Top 10 Late Night Food Joints in San Diego

Spotlight SD Series: Top 10 Late Night Food Joints in San Diego

It's well past the hour of sobriety and reason, you've been partying at one of San Diego's famed EDM venues, and you're fucking hungry. Scrap the Big Mac with extra pickles and nourish yourself with a gourmet meal from a local food purveyor. We've compiled a list of our favorite San Diego food joints that cater to the after-hours crowd. Degenerates and insomniacs welcome.

We've also taken into account proximity to nightlife and cost; this list is damn near perfect.

1. Bolillo Tortas
417 Fourth Ave., San Diego, CA

If you're partying in the Marina/Gaslamp quadrant of San Diego, Bolillo is just a hop, skip and stumble away. It's open late and one block away from Fluxx nightclub. Every torta on the menu is painfully delicious, and the combos include fries and a bacon-wrapped jalapeno. Genius!

2. Cotixan Mexican Food
4370 Genesee Ave., San Diego, CA

A trip to Cotixan is an integral part of the San Diego collegiate experience. It's conveniently located midtown and equidistant to SDSU, UCSD and USD. We highly recommend the California Burrito with extra green sauce, the Potato Burrito and a plate of Nachos Supreme.

3. Jimmy Wong's Asian Bistro
414 University Ave., San Diego, CA

If you're craving a dining experience devoid of plastic cutlery and styrofoam, check out Jimmy Wong's Asian Bistro. Pho at midnight? Pho sure. The menu is an amalgamation of cuisine from varied Asian countries. Sober up with a plate of delicious Gyoza or authentic Pad Thai--you classy Bitch.

4. Ciro's Pizza
536 Market Street, San Diego, CA

Located between the Gaslamp and East Village is Ciro's Pizza--home of savory pizza pies and people that were probably ejected from Side Bar for dancing too awesomely. Cheap, easy and delicious. We

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5. Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop
1810 W. Washington Street, San Diego, CA

This place is amazing--TJ hot dogs, seafood burritos, and carne asada everything. Not to mention all the eye candy in the form of Lucha Libre wall art in technicolor. There's nothing quite like staring at spandex wrapped junk while you feast on taquitos.

6. Brians 24 Gaslamp
828 6th Ave., San Diego, CA

Breakfast at 3am while you're drifting in and out of a Jagger induced coma? Yes, you can. Brians 24 in the Gaslamp, as you may have already divined from it's name, is open 24/7. They have Bacon Waffles and bacon and waffles...

7. Hoboken Pizza
1459 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA

Located on Garnet Ave. in PB is the late-night Hoboken Pizza and Beer Joint (because bros get hungry too). If you find yourself stumbling out of The Tavern, after one too many JD/Coke's, you should stop by and grab yourself a slice or a sub. Why go home alone, when you can snuggle up with a slice of East Coast inspired deliciousness and your PS4.

8. Berkeley Pizza
539 Island Ave., San Diego, CA

Berkeley Pizza is conveniently located between 3 of the major Gaslamp Clubs: Stingaree, Hard Rock Hotel and Fluxx. Open till 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, you can feast on tasty pies like their signature Spinach and Mushroom, or build-your-own. We're partial to all the meat toppings, garnished with more meat toppings.

9.Trujillo Taco Shop
5119 College Ave., San Diego, CA

An SDSU staple, this taco shop caters to the irresponsibly drunk crowd, and proudly. Step 1, order the California Burrito. Step 2, order a side of fries. Step 3, add a surplus of fries into your burrito. Step 4, don't blackout.

10. El Zarape
4642 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA

If you've downed too many IPAs at Live Wire or seen the bottom of a Hurricane Glass at Bourbon Street, we foresee a midnight snack at El Zarape in your not too distant future. We recommend any of their famous seafood burritos or a good 'ol fashion Breakfast Burrito.

This list was curated by an avid drunk--we mean Foodie.

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