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tyDi Goes On Rant About The Lack Of Originality In New Electronic Music

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tyDi Speaks About Lack Of Originality In EDM - EDM Culture - EDM News

tyDi recently posted a rant on his Facebook page lamenting the lack of originality from producers in EDM. One of the main issues with EDM today which tyDi brought up is that many producers are simply producing tunes which follow trends rather than developing their own sound. He advised young producers to learn music theory and the principles behind composing rather that just smashing samples and loops together into a song.


It's good to know that there are still artists out there who care about making original music as opposed to those who only look to their Vengeance samples and loops library (*cough* Steve Angello *cough*).

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Visit Mixjunkies for the full rant, but here are some highlights:

"I'm legitimately worried about the future of EDM… If producers don't change this whole approach of copying what's 'cool' we could collectively sink this ship very quickly."

"Are we focussing too much on branding a cheap product instead of working towards making music that is actually memorable? I'm talking about the idea that every song needs to be as simple as it possibly can. Music that is dumbed down so much that it's lost anything 'musical' about it; a loud kick drum, bass and a screeching syncopated sound that acts as some sort of lead - Yes it works, yes it sounds 'loud', yes it 'kicks' in a club… but will you remember it a year later? "

" In every interview I always get asked - 'What advice would you give to an up and coming producer', so here's my answer: Learn music theory, please guys… actually learn it. Know the difference between key signatures, chord changes, thirds, fifths, jazz chords, dissonance..etc. Learn how to use dissonance to your advantage, learn about cadences and why a certain resolving cadence will make you feel a certain way, or why an unresolved cadence leaves you with a feeling of mystery or concern. Learn how a compressor actually works, learn why dynamic range is so important in giving 'impact' and power to big drum sections. Learn that it's not always good to just simply 'SLAM' your songs to the point where they distort so badly it literally fatigues the ears of the listener after three minutes."

"I urge any new producers to PLEASE open your minds when you produce records, don't reference what's currently selling, just think about what you want to achieve. "

So what are your thoughts? Do you think new electronic music needs to build up on it's originality?

Source: Mixjunkies

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