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3 Things We Love About Eric Prydz' 'Epic 2.0' - EDM News

3 Things We Love About Eric Prydz 'Epic 2.0'

"Fill these 50 voices with a purpose, but don't just give it away. Inspiration isn't cheap these days, you better make them earn it." - Eric Prydz Presents Pryda

Last week, international DJ/Producer Eric Prydz & Pryda Friends made their way into the Hollywood Palladium for the limited 'Epic 2.0' tour. The expectations were high and the fans were anxious-- especially as the delay of the opening was pushed back due to alleged technical difficulties. But as the doors opened and the masses flooded the historical building- the magnetic force-field of the show to come, all technicalities were set to the side and the journey began. With shows such as 'Epic,' it is near impossible to describe what took place. And this, is exactly what Prydz intended as he set forth on this journey two years ago. With only four shows to the tour, I feel it is only fair to highlight the most important, most beautiful components of the show- and leave the rest of mystery.

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1. The Talent

Pryda friends, Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay not only add to the magic of the 'Epic 2.0' show, they take you on a journey separate from that of Eric Prydz. For over two hours, an inception of spellbinding, electric schemes form behind the CDJ's, and the result is a united mass of people, dancing as one in the crowds, filling the palladium for the sole purpose of beautiful music. Jeremy and Jonas take turns behind the decks, each captivating the crowd with a unique, yet uniform sound. The soft, intriguing techno beats calibrated flawlessly with the progressive pumps, sending fans into a whimsical, Epic world of four-on-the-floor

2. The Visuals

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Throughout the opening, the minimally basic visuals heightened the mystery of the main event-- what were we to expect from Mr. Prydz? Reviews from past shows all have one thing in common, 'expect the unexpected.' As the Pryda Friends slowed their rhythm, dropped the synth and stepped away from the booth- lights fell to darkness and silence filled the theater. Suddenly, a massive LED wall that had not been there before illuminated with a single computer screen. Beeps, ticks, and snapping sounds slowly and profoundly came through the speakers and Eric Prydz took to the stage. The deepest, most intense sub-bass filled the entire venue as the words "EPIC 2.0 LOADED" filled the mass screen. It had begun. Geometric holograms came to life and filled the empty ceiling above the stage as a mechanic, electric outlet of Prydz imagination. Throughout the show, holograms shifted and changed- they evolved with every track. Lasers were brought to life and the full spectrum of the rainbow covered the halls like a light on a prism. The LED screens created a story and followed each note, each beat with a new phase. Hands down, this was one of the best, most well-thought productions Hollywood has ever seen.

3 Things We Love About Eric Prydz 'Epic 2.0'

3. The Mastermind

3 Things We Love About Eric Prydz 'Epic 2.0'

Eric Prydz has fascinated us throughout his career over the last decade... but nothing could have prepared us for Epic 2.0. No review, no photo, no press release could have, or will ever provide the detailed insight to the show reflective of the out-of-world utopia we call 'Pandora.' The tracks were perfectly picked, from 'Rotonda,' to 'Pjanoo' and 'Midnight City' to 'Glow.' The show was deeply emotional, creating euphoric inductions into the newest members of the Pryda family- the crowd. Prydz, typically relaxed and thoughtful behind the decks played a reverse role for Epic. He was a machine, a servant to his music and a vessel between his world and ours- delivering a powerful, unforgettable journey through his progressive paradise. And just as soon as you think the trip is over as seconds of silence find the crowd- a simple, heavenly chord once again occupied the theater. 'Melo' was the most beautiful, intense moment of the show- creating a feeling of permanent transcendence through those who were fortunate enough to experience.


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All Photos Credit: Insomniac Events

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