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7 Things Rolling Stone Wants You To Know About EDM Culture

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7 Things Rolling Stone Wants You To Know About EDM Culture

In a futile effort to stay relevant, Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy) recently released a video on their Youtube channel that let us know how they really feel about electronic music.

Filled with the usual cliches and couple of new ones, it's actually kind of sad to watch a magazine once known for it's progressive stance towards music and journalism revert to same attitudes and ignorance that once faced rock.

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The video is below, but here are seven take away points Rolling Stone wants you to know about Electronic Dance Music:

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1.  DJs are criminals with a license to shoot shit into our ears
2.  DJs are third-class whores that give it away to the first bidder
3.  DJs are low quality mp3 pushers
4.  No audience will ever chant a DJ's name
5.  The audience will never know any EDM songs by heart
6.  The day will come when "real music" comes back to life
7.  EDM is the anathema of rock and roll

What's hard to believe is the video uses so much of the imagery popularized by rock videos in the 80s- drugs, mansions, hot girls and excess.  Only now it's being used to reference the modern EDM scene.

Take a view-

Ultimately, they predict the death of electronic music. I'll give Rolling Stone a little credit on this one- if anyone wants to know about how a popular music genre dies, they would know best.

After all, they cover rock 'n roll.

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