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Akkord Releases Self-Titled Deubt Album 'AKKORD' On Houndstooth + Free Album Stream For 24 Hours - EDM News

Akkord Releases Self-Titled Deubt Album 'AKKORD' On Houndstooth + Free Album Stream For 24 Hours

Once an Anonymous project, Akkord has risen from the depths or darkness to become the recognized collective of Manchester producers Synkro & Indigo. Unlike the standard, repetitive inspirations of ever-changing emotions and legendary talents of the past, this nominal pair pull their musical ingenuity from beyond left field. The love of math, geometry and visual aesthetics are unconventionally apparent in their productions, protruding through the clicks and scratch of the vinyl.

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AKKORD is the first full length album from the duo, following a few self-released 12" vinyls throughout 2012, and Navigate, an EP released soon after Synkro & Indigo joined the Houndstooth family.

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Akkord has been infamously leaking tracks before the album release through a variety of outlets including: Hidden videos, artist hotlines, stickers hidden in flyer packs, Tumblr and more. We give them kudos to their obvious creativity in surpassing the typical press releases...

Akkord's album has been described as a blend of "junglist revivalism, smokey ambiance, and sectioned dub, with a consistently engaging pulse linking the styles." The album is intelligent, beautifully produced with an ambiance reflective of personal, internal darkness harmonized with just the right balance of energy and uplifting euphoric riffs.

It nonchalantly directs you down a dimly lit, unknown path-- guided by drums & clicks, elevating the mind through slow melodic transitions and soft riffs, catapulting you into space and ultimately bringing you back down with heightened senses and a new appreciation for the simpler sounds in life.

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