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Bass Kleph Gives Us 7 Tips For Healthy Living While On Tour; Premiers "Gargantuan" WIth DJ Bam Bam - EDM News

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By: Bass Kleph

Bass Kleph Gives Us 7 Tips For Healthy Living While On Tour; Premiers "Gargantuan" WIth DJ Bam Bam

If you were touring with someone with the word "Trash" in their artist name, you may quite rightly assume you were in for late nights, debauchery, endless parties and more than a few strong lemonades. However, in reality, my experience touring with Tommy Trash has been quite different.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was very keen on clean eating, exercise and productivity. Also three of my favourite things. Don't get me wrong though. I'm no stranger to aforementioned debauchery, and i don't plan on cutting it out of my life completely any time soon either.

The majority of the time however, i do prefer to be eating well, exercising, and working hard on this amazing passion (job) i am blessed with, in the form of writing music, and DJing. We pick up fresh food/ingredients along the way on the road, and cook about 90% of our meals on the bus.

Bass Kleph Gives Us 7 Tips For Healthy Living While On Tour; Premiers "Gargantuan" WIth DJ Bam Bam

Here's some of my tips I've been following for living healthy on the road.

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1. Eat 5-6 healthy meals a day. We cook each time. The bus makes this quite convenient as the couch where you are writing music is right next to the fully stoked fridge and kitchen area. It's just like you're at home, except, on wheels.

2. Each meal a good balance of protein, carbs, & healthy fats. eg, Chicken breast, Quinoa, Broccoli, and Avocado. Most popular foods on tour so far have been Ground Turkey breast, Quinoa, Braggs Aminos, Sugar Snap Peas, Kale, Oats, Berries, and egg whites. Not all mixed together of course ;)

3. Lots of walking everyday. This is easy as we often have to check out the venue, and run errands.

4. No sugar, no fried food, no juice, minimal alcohol, and none of the other obvious bad things.

5. Hit the weights in the gym every 2nd or 3rd day. It may be a bus tour, but on nights off we stay in hotels, and they usually have a gym.

6. Try not to eat bread, or too much sodium. This basically rules out most truck stops unfortunately.

7. Always try and get at least 8 hours sleep if possible. not always easy when the bus is driving on twisty roads through the night!

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