Dani Deahl Calls Out Sexism in The DJ Booth - EDM News


Dani Deahl Calls Out Sexism in The DJ Booth - EDM News

Sexism in the music industry is nothing new. Unfortunately, women in EDM culture are being plagued with the same problems, especially as they become more prominent.

At a recent gig at Lure Hollywood, Chicago based DJ/Producer Dani Deahl recently experienced some of the subtle (and not so subtle) forms discrimination, coming from what she terms "a bigger artist".

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Here's what she wrote on Facebook:

So tired of this bullshit against women in edm. I played a great set, including my tracks on Dim Mak, Cr2 and upcoming ones on other labels (and even one I just finished today) - was put down by bigger artists who asked me "who produces your songs" and asked to show my tits for photos and told to "work on my production for a year to try it out" when I said I do make my own music. Hey industry, fuck you very much and I am going to rise to the occasion and show you exactly what a female artist can be made of.

Dani, we've got to say you're already the bigger artist for not knocking out whoever said that b.s. to you. He definitely would have deserved it. Probably for the better though- we all know if you did he would have cried like a girl.


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